Briefs for Dec. 29


Tips for storm

The Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Department of Transportation is providing the following advice in advance of a second major snow storm heading into our state Friday.

  • If approved, motorists should try to leave work early to get to a safe place, off the roadway, before the storm peaks.
  • If road conditions deteriorate quickly, CDOT and CSP may put a chain law in effect for semi-trucks and/or all commercial vehicles including 16 or more passenger buses and vans. Operators of these vehicles should be prepared and carry chains with them in their vehicle in anticipation.
  • Motorists should look for parking lots or other areas off the roadway to store their vehicle should conditions be such that they can no longer travel. Vehicle owners should notify, and if possible seek permission from, appropriate businesses if their vehicle is abandoned in their parking lot. In the case that abandoned vehicles must be relocated, CDOT will try to move them to a safe spot nearby. However, should a vehicle require a tow to a more distant location, the appropriate law enforcement agency will coordinate this effort and vehicle owners will be required to pay private tow company rates.
  • If your vehicle is abandoned and given a Red Tag by the State Patrol, you will have up to 48 hours to remove your car before the CSP considers towing it.

Motorists should remember:

  • To carry plenty of windshield wiper fluid as liquid de-icers may stick to your windshield.
  • Let the snowplow drivers do their jobs by giving them extra room.
  • Slow down! Even roads that have been treated with liquid de-icers may be slippery.

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