Christmas tree disposal available


Christmas trees that have reached the end of their useful life should be left next to trash receptacles on normal trash pick-up days.

City crews will remove the discarded trees and dispose of them at the landfill.

Interior Department Issues Leases

The Department of the Interior has issued research, development and demonstration leases for five oil shale projects in Colorado's Piceance Basin, which is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

These are the first ever RD&D leases issued for public lands, and the first federal oil shale leases issued in more than 30 years.

C. Stephen Allred, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management, signed the leases for projects proposed by Chevron USA, Inc.; EGL Resources, Inc.: and Shell Frontier Oil & Gas Inc.

RD&D leases grant the rights to develop oil shale resources on tracts not to exceed 160 acres of public land for lease. These tracts were identified in proposals submitted by the companies in June 2005.

The initial term of the leases is 10 years with the option for extending the leases up to five years with proof of diligent pursuit of commercial production levels. The leases also contain a preferential right to convert the RD&D acreage plus adjacent acreage up to 4,960 acres to a 20-year commercial lease once commercial production levels have been achieved and all requirements have been met.

The Green River Formation in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming may hold the equivalent of 800 billion barrels of shale oil that is potentially recoverable, with more than 70 percent of the formation lying under federally managed lands.

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