School Board's second newsletter to parents


The Moffat County School District Board of Education released its second quarterly newsletter this week.

The board highlighted its "Big 5" topics, or priorities the board has set for the district.

They are:

  • School finance,
  • School safety and security,
  • Local, state and federal accountability,
  • Special populations (English language learners, gifted and talented, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged and Title I), and
  • Future of choice -- educational foundation.

Future newsletters will focus on one or two of the "Big 5," and the district's efforts in those areas.

This issue centered on school safety and security and school accountability.

"While we sincerely hope that emergency procedures will never have to be used, rest assured that each school has a comprehensive emergency plan in the event of a real or potential crisis situation," the newsletter reads.

Moffat County School District implemented a safety plan in October following shootings at Platte Canyon High School. Moffat County's plan includes keeping a single school entrance open, requiring school personnel to wear identification badges, requiring visitors to sign in and out and wear an identification badge while visiting, and asking students and staff to report unauthorized people to staff.

The newsletter also addressed accountability. There are three systems to track the district's accountability -- the comprehensive Colorado Department of Education district accreditation, School Accountability reports based on Colorado Student Assessment Program scores, and Adequate Yearly Progress based on meeting goals set by No Child Left Behind.

"Moffat County School District is continuously working to improve the quality of education delivered in our schools," the newsletter reads.

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