'We are proud'

Moffat County School District officials evaluate their progress of this year


Early Childhood Center

By Director Sarah Hepworth

Preschool teachers conducted home visits at 95 percent of our children's homes, where they informally reviewed progress and conducted a child survey.

During the past three months, the Child Find Team has evaluated or screened 25 children from 3 to 5 years old, who were referred by preschool teachers, parents or physicians for concerns with their growth and development.

Preschool teachers continue to improve their assessment skills using an authentic method involving focused observation, anecdotal documentation and evaluation and scoring of those observations.

The Colorado Preschool Pro-

gram has awarded 75 scholarships to preschool students who have been identified at risk for school failure. This positive early start will help these students offset risk factors and improve their readiness for kindergarten.

East Elementary School

By Principal Diana Cook

East Elementary is fortunate to have a Reading Intervention Program to meet the needs of struggling readers.

Carolyn Casinger, literacy specialist, brings 32 years of teaching experience to this team. Her experience includes regular classrooms, first through fourth grades, special education, gifted and talented as well as Title Reading. A master's degree, as well as many hours of postgraduate training in literacy and leadership, is a part of her qualifications.

She is also president of the Sagebrush Reading Council, a part of CCIRA (Colorado Council of the International Reading Association) and a Literacy Advocate in our community. The paraprofessional members of the team include Terri Voorhees, Diane Cookston, Roberta Hawks and Virginia Pugh.

They have attended training in Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading, Fluency Instruction, Wilson Language System, Soar to Success and DIBELS assessments. Together they bring 50 years of experience to this important job. Daily, they work with seven different small groups of students. They provide targeted instruction based on classroom teacher plans and/or research-based intervention programs and plan effective lessons to meet specific needs of their groups. What a talented group of paraprofessionals.

Ridgeview Elementary School And Maybell Elementary School

By Principal Julie Baker

Ridgeview Elementary and Maybell Elementary are so proud of, and thankful for, all of our support staff. Thank you Mrs. Juergens, Mrs. Peck, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Buckner, Ms. Alexander, Mrs. Beauchamp, Mrs. Ferguson, Ms. Jones, Mrs. Juergens, Mrs. Lowther, Mrs. Mac, Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Prather, Mrs. Rowley, Ms. Schmidt, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Wiffen, Mrs. Knez, Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Delgado and last but not least, Mrs. Caras.

Without them, we couldn't provide our students with all that they deserve. Ridgeview Elementary and Maybell Elementary are better because of these wonderful, hard-working professionals.

Sunset Elementary School

By Principal Zach Allen

The introduction and implementation into our schools of the Positive Behavior Support, known as PBS, program has brought about transformation for recognizing and rewarding students on a job well done. Schools in our district have adopted a PAWS -- known as Practice respect, Act with kindness, Work together, Stay safe -- program and each building site has applied its own method of creating rewards and recognition for its students.

The entire staff at Sunset Elementary has committed and worked hard to teach, re-teach and reinforce our school-wide PAWS rules and expectations. Our students have received more than 3,000 PAWS tickets (recognition for following the school rules) during the first trimester alone.

Craig Intermediate School

By Principal Don Davidson

Shannon Young was awarded the Thelma Pett Continuing Education Award to pursue her master's degree.

We are proud of our teachers who have worked hard to help students make significant gains in academic achievement and our paraprofessionals who do yeoman's work, day-in and day-out, sometimes under difficult circumstances.

We are proud of our custodians who help to maintain an aging building.

We are proud of all our student support personnel, and our high expectations of ourselves and our students, while still maintaining a focus on what's good for kids.

Craig Middle School

By Principal Bill Toovey

We are proud of Mrs. Lori Dodge, who recently was awarded the Thelma Pett Continuing Education Award.

This award recognizes achievement in reading instruction. Mrs. Dodge will receive the award at the Colorado Council International Reading Association state conference in February.

We are proud of the CMS Student Council led by advisor Ms. Rene Dove on their recent record-breaking food drive. This organization led the school in gathering more than 4,000 pounds of food and more than $2,600 in cash for the community food bank.

Moffat County High School

By Principal Jane Krogman

We are proud of the MCHS musical cast and crew, as well as Mrs. Pottinger, Mr. Bolton, Mrs. Rustand and Mrs. Foster, who recently delivered outstanding performances of "Beauty and the Beast" to sold out crowds.

The Woods 2 class, taught by Craig Conrad, achieved record sales of woods projects. Thanks to the community for their ongoing support of this program.

We are proud that Mr. Conrad's classes are helping with the Habitat for Humanity.

Office Of Student Services

By Director Christine Villard

The following individuals participated in the English Language Learners Strategies for Elementary and Secondary Education classes this past fall: Tammy Luviano, Kim Hernandez, Paula Robinson, Willie Babb, Patty Maradiegue. Beth Skelton is providing ongoing coaching as part of their coursework. These folks are also actively providing staff development on ELL Instructional Strategies throughout the school year.

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