Carol J. Sloan: Kindness appreciated during holiday season


I would like to thank everyone for the kindness and generosity they showed this holiday season.

I recently worked on a project to provide Christmas gifts for the Veterans nursing home in Rifle. We not only filled a gift list for 90 resident veterans, but we were able to provide more than the one item or need on that list for each and every one of them.

We were able to give extra socks, lap blankets, hats, candy, cookies, etc. We also took Bronco decorations for their Bronco parties, art supplies, books, CD's, movies and money for the activities fund, with all of these to be used throughout the year.

The activities fund is used not only for in-home activities but it is also used so the veterans can go bowling, to movies, have picnics, they go look at fall leaves, fireworks, parades, etc.

The veterans who were able, just recently went to Grand Junction to the Parade of Lights and to Red Lobster for dinner, they loved it.

The Rifle location is home to residents from communities all over, including our own. These are the people who have served our country at one time or another and at this time I would like to thank them and help them in thanking all of you who helped in filling the wish list. Thanks to all of you they will have a beautiful Christmas season.

Love to all,

Carol J. Sloan

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