Senior Spotlight for Dec. 19


Christmas is just around the corner.

How did that happen? I don't have my Christmas cards or presents sent, I hear people say. Me, I'm not able to do some of the Christmas stuff. But, my family does it for me. I miss the excitement of the Christmas rush. But I catch glimpses of it.

Speaking of glimpses ...

I see Tony Gallegos and Vanessa Zurita have a birthday coming up.

I don't have any speedy recovery or get well wishes, so all of you doing recovery, please get well.

Got a nice letter from Laura Swanson -- she's doing well. She would like to hear from you. Her address is 2999 Power Plant Rd. Lingle, Wyo., 82223. She hopes you can stop by if you are in the area. Call (307) 837-2879. She wishes you all a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

There will be no meals and no bus service at Sunset Meadows on Monday and Dec. 26.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Mary Jo Brown

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