Answers to the AAA Travel Challenge sample questions


AAA Travel Challenge sample questions:

1. Which would be least likely to be on an Eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary?

A. St. Thomas

B. Cayman Islands

C. St. Croix

D. Martinique

E. St. Martin

2. You're driving due west from Dodge City. Which state will you come to first?

A. Colorado

B. Illinois

C. Tennessee

D. Wyoming

E. Wisconsin

3. Nicknames are often used to help promote travel to a state. The "Sunflower State" refers to which state?

A. Kansas

B. Iowa

C. Ohio

D. Texas

E. Queensland

4. Which is not an internationally recognized country?

A. Albania

B. Aruba

C. Guam

D. Bahrain

E. Botswana

5. You could see the world's tallest lighthouse in:

A. Canada

B. United States

C. Italy

D. Japan

E. Alexandria

Answer Key

1. B

2. A

3. A

4. C

5. D

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