Springing into competition

Divers add point boost to swim team


Genna Bradley and Dori Fredrickson have crucial roles on the Moffat County girls swim team.

They're divers.

Bulldog coach Marin Campbell finds it hard to hide her excitement when talking about the new additions to the team.

"I'm psyched because I've always loved diving," Campbell said. "And through Genna, especially, I'm learning a lot more about the sport."

Bradley has experience in tumbling and gymnastics, which Campbell called a big help.

"She has a really good sense of her body and where she is at in the air, (more) than someone who's never done it before," Campbell said.

"We probably wouldn't be able to do anything if we hadn't been in gymnastics," Fredrickson said.

Bradley, Steamboat Springs High School freshman, and Fredrickson, Moffat County sophomore, are new to the sport of diving, but they are catching on quickly.

"I think for Genna, it's not shocking she's doing so well," Campbell said. "But it's exciting for me to see two girls starting out that way."

Bradley surprised herself at the Patriot Invite in Denver a week ago, with a fifth-place finish.

"It was really exciting, because when I was coming out of the water, there were all these people cheering for me," Bradley said.

Fredrickson hasn't competed yet, but Campbell said the sophomore will on Jan. 6.

Campbell said that having varsity divers not only gives the Bulldogs a chance to score more points, but it gives the team more to cheer for.

"It's a nice boost because it's hard to go to a meet and not have a role being played that other teams are playing," Campbell said. "Having them gets the other girls excited."

Fredrickson and Bradley are thrilled to be a part of the team and be able to contribute to its success.

"I'm really excited to be a part of this team," Bradley said. "I like it because it's fun."

Both Fredrickson and Bradley said they got started because they were just "hanging out" at the pool and one of the lifeguards told them to stay for diving practice.

"It was kind of funny actually," Bradley said.

The goal of each girl is to get better throughout the season and to continue diving.

"I want to continue improving," Fredrickson said.

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