From Harvard to Craig

New prosecutor's resume decorated with Ivy League background


Harvard Law School graduate isn't normally an attribute Bonnie Roesink sees on the resumes of candidates interested in working for her office.

Which is why Jeremy Snow's name stood out to the district attorney of the 14th Judicial District.

"I've never had a Harvard graduate apply," Roesink said.

Yet, it wasn't just the name of the prestigious Ivy League school that impressed Roesink and caused her to hire the 32-year-old Snow, a 2005 graduate, as a deputy district attorney. It was his commitment to public service rather than a snazzy line item on his resume that swayed the district attorney, she said.

"A lot of Harvard graduates go into corporate work," Roesink said. "He truly wants to be here and work in public service. I hope he'll stay for a long time."

Snow, the third prosecutor in the 14th Judicial District's Craig office, was hired as a deputy district attorney last Friday. His first day at work was Monday.

He won his first case Thurs-day, a reckless endangerment jury trial, securing a conviction and raising his court record to a perfect 1-0.

"Yeah," he quipped, "this was my first trial and I'm 1-0."

"I went to law school wanting to do public work," said Snow, a native of Jensen, Utah. "This was close to home and was a perfect fit for me."

He bypassed more lucrative work in the private sector, work that lured many of his law school colleagues. "Many of my classmates are probably making $125,000 to $150,000 a year," said Snow, of his new job as well as past stints with the Massachutes Department of Food and Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency. "I wanted to do something more important than just civil litigation, something besides seeing money change hands. I want to serve the public and this is a great match."

Snow's hiring rounds out the roster of prosecutors in the district attorney's office in Craig. He joins felony prosecutor Russell Wasley and Moffat County Court prosecutor Ed Veronda, who began work in October.

Snow said he soon will move his wife and four children to Craig, a move he hopes translates into a long-term situation for him and his family in Moffat County.

"My intentions are to stay here for quite a while," Snow said.

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