Speak Up for Dec. 12


Stop at crosswalks

Something needs to be done about the crosswalk situation in town. I take my children to school every morning and see a terrible thing going on, and people should know better. There's a bunch of people who do not stop for these kids at crosswalks.

Just the other day, I watched 10 cars keep going and one little boy was waiting for someone to stop. I couldn't believe it. I stayed at that stop sign until it was clear, and he was still standing there, and I rolled down my window and told him to go ahead. He seemed relieved that someone knew what the rules were. It's pretty sad that our children know what a crosswalk is for and we don't.

Please stop at the crosswalk when someone is present. The children will be much safer if you would follow these simple rules. If you are in a hurry, so what. You should think to yourself, "What if that were my son or daughter standing at that crosswalk waiting for five minutes in the cold?"

Parents of high school drivers, let them know what they are doing as well. They should have learned this when they got their license. I did. Please do your part to make our children a little safer.

Need more information

I hope the Daily Press comes up with more information about this water workshop that is upcoming. There are a lot of questions about that, one of them being: Where are they going to put this reservoir north of Maybell because it is all slanted up there? For those of us who can't attend that workshop, it would be nice to see some maps and some more information in the paper.

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