Newspapers in Education for December 2006


The Newspapers in Education program is a collaborative effort between Moffat County School District and the Craig Daily Press. This program not only introduces children to the world of journalism, but also to the world around them.

This year, young writers from East, Ridgeview and Sunset elementary schools and Craig Intermediate School are participating in several field trips to explore Moffat County ranches and the agriculture that defines this area.

In this section, students write about their visit to Jim and Roberta Hume's ranch, east of Craig. They saw a variety of animals and equipment and watched a cow being milked.

We hope you enjoy their stories about their experience.

Michelle Perry

Special sections editor, Craig Daily Press

East Elementary School

The amazing dairy cow

Moo! There is a ranch that has a cow named Daisy that Jim and Roberta milk everyday. Daisy is 8 years old. She is light brown and has light brown eyes. She is a dairy cow. Jim and Roberta bring Daisy in to milk her, then Roberta put the milk in a Jar. Next, they refrigerate the milk. At last, they put the milk in the milk machine and then they drink it. Daisy is a big, but nice cow! Daisy is the only dairy cow that we saw that got milked. Daisy is an amazing cow and a good cow. Daisy is the best cow. I will miss Daisy a lot. That is the best ranch I have ever been to! I miss that ranch a lot!

Jenae Showalter

Fourth grade


Have you been to a ranch. I have. I went to the Home farm. They have a wierd symbol. Would you like to see it? Sure. ^HJ. That's it? Yes! It stands for Hume Jim. They had to regester it so they can have it. The brand is on the barn.

They have 128 animals on the farm.

I love that farm.

I miss it already.

Trenna Kaiser

Fourth grade

Turkeys' weird noise

Do you know that a turkey said op op instead of gobble? If you want to know how I know well I went to the Hume Ranch and thats how I know.

The owner's names are Roberta & Jim. They have to feed & give them water every day.

They use a 4 wheeler too feed the sheep. They have a dag to proteckd the sheep from a fox or coyote.

They had a big white dog. Just for fun I intrviewed the dog & I asked her if she likes the ranch and she nodded yes.

I had a lot of fun at the ranch but I think its time for me to go. Bye.

Mara Duran

Third grade

Fun animal facts

Do you know about sheep? The sheep were at a ranch. The owner's name was Jim and Roberta.

Roberta said there was about 35 sheep.

Their sheep colors are, I think, either black or brown on their head's and white on there back's.

They had a dog to watch out for a coyote getting one of the sheep.

The dog was fluffy and very big. The color of him was white and his eyes were a light brown. The dog had a bunch of fur.

One llama's name was Darn It. I had a very great time at the Hume Ranch.

Harley Takara Little

Second grade

Living on a ranch

Jim and Roberta Hume live on a ranch. Did you know that starting a ranch is more hard then you think? Can you guess how many animals you would have to feed and how much to feed them and what to feed them? Do you know how many eggs to pick up every day from both turkey and chikends? You would have to pick up 40 to 50 eggs every day. And if you want home made milk you would have to have a speshle kind of cow, not any kind. You would need a dairy cow. And if you have a pregnant sheep to have to know when they are coming so you could mark them red if they are later and if they are early if would be green. If you want to round the sheep to a different place you would need a dog called a sheep dog. If you want for all your sheep and cows to be safe from a fox, you would need a speshl dog called a guard dog. See, it is a lot of hard work to do on a farm but if you do it for a while it is a lot easier. Farming is fun. I had a great time.

Hannah Walker

Third grade

Hume farm

We went to the Hume ranch I went to see the ducks and the goose. The goose had a hard time standing on the ice. The ducks had a good time standing on the ice. The water was on the left, the ice was on the right. The goose and the duck, were on the right of the streem. It was very icy. It was fun. I had a fun time.

Matias Kendall

Second grade

Fun facts about sheep

Did you know that one sheep can eat 5 pounds per day? There's about 35 sheep on the Hume Farm. Some sheep have red or green painted on them so that they know when they're going to have babies. Red means they're going to have their babies later on, and green means they're going to have their babies soon. They also have a llama where the sheep are. The sheep have a big sheep dog so nothing will happen to them over night. The sheep are 1 to 6 years old. They got the farm 35 years ago. That's what I learned about sheep on the Hume Farm.

Autumn Dobson

Fourth grade

Interesting dairy cow

Would you like to live on a ranch? Well, after what I saw today, November 27, 2006, I would like to have a ranch. I saw a Dairy cow. That's what you call a cow that gives milk. Her real name is Daisy. They milk her one time a day. They lock her head in a shoot so she dosn't move. Then they dump it in a jar and put it in the freser to keep it cold. That's how they did it. I say it was fun. It was also at the Hume ranch. Good bye for now.

Kaitlyan Reed

Third grade

Guard dog

Do you know that the Hume Ranch is about five miles east of Craig?

The great Pyremies is the ranches best bet! He is for if a coyote were to venture in too close. They would be terrified and run away. That is what was perfected about that great dog. And that was what was great.

Drew King

Third grade

I followed pooch to cows

Do you know That pooch is big and white? The kids followed Pooch to see the cows. We followed him to the cows on the path. There was a trackter in the field. The cows followed the trackter. Pooch went into the field. He is as tall as my chest. He has a big face. I have seen biger dogs Then him. He is a great dog.

Isaac Montoya

Second grade

The ranch in the east

Would you like to see Hume ranches cows?

Hume ranches cows are probibley as big as tow third grader's.

Hume ranch is a little stincky because the cows poop is everywhere in their field.

There were about fifty cow's on Hume ranch.

My faveorite thing at Hume ranch was seeing the cow's rushing to their food.

I hope you get to go to Hume ranch some day.

John Parker

Third grade


Have you ever been to a ranch? Went to the Hume ranch. They feed the animals with machines. They feed the cows with a tractor and the sheep with an ATV. I saw a goose and some ducks. The goose had a hard time standing on the ice. The ducks had a good time standing on ice. I like seeing the animals.

Zach Soron

Second grade

Dairy cows

Did you know a dairy cow is a cow that you get milk from? A dairy caw is not an ordinary caw. Her name was Daisy. Daisy is a milking caw. They milk her once a day. They put the milk in a jar. It was the best day I've ever had.

Kaitlyn Shrode

On the bridge

How do the ducks swim? I so the gus and her duck sliping on the ice and they kept getting on the drrt and the ice.

Then the group went into the farm house and we saw the derry caw. Roberta showed how they get the milk out of the caws. Then we went to see the checkens and we left. Then we left on the Bus. And I had a fun day.

Isaac Daigle

First grade

Farm house

I saw ducks slipping on the ice and little ducks were walking and slipping on the ice. We saw a llama. It was close to Miss Casinger on the bridge. And milk was all over the place. And they were squeezing the milk out of the tummy. We saw some cows. We liked the farm.

Skyler Dean

First grade

Animal farm

Things were going crazy at the Hume Ranch on November 27th 2006. Cows, ducks chickens and reporters were everywhere. Jim and Roberts Hume, the owners of the farm, have 35 sheep, 60 cattle, 55 chickens, 1 goose, 1 dairy cow, 1 turkey and a rooster. Each cow eats 20 pounds of food and has to satisfy 5 stomachs. Most of the hay is made of alfalfa and weighs about 70 lbs. Each cow weighs 300 to 500 lbs. Makes my diet look very insignificant, doesn't it?

Max Reilly

Fourth grade

On the farm

There was a lot of anumuls of all kinds. Their initials were ^HJ. I wish that I lived on a ranch. He fed the sheep out of the four wheeler. He throw the hay out of the back of the four wheelers and the shep wud come thay had a turkey. It was a she. It livd in a roostr pin. He fed the cous out of the tractr. I liked it.

Brent Cook

First grade

Cool sheep

Did you know that there are 35 sheep on the Hume Ranch? They paint the sheep colors. If they are green they are going to have a baby earlier than if they are red. The red sheep are going to have their babies later. The sheep eat about 5 pounds of hay a day. The sheep are in a pen with a llama named Darn It, and a Miniture horse named Commanche. The sheep stick very bad because they lay in their own doo doo. The sheep are way cool! Do you like sheep?

Delaney Baker

Fourth grade

The Work Ranch

Today I saw Daisy the Dairy cow. She gets milked once a day. When she gets done she goes back out. Then they put it into a jar. They refrigerate it so they can drink it. I had a lot of fun.

Kasen Brennise

First grade


The little ducks didn't slide on the ise. They wok funy. Wen The Big duck slipt on the ise it was funy. All the little ducks were boys. The Big duck was a gril the girl duck was funy.

Kaitlyn Ahlstrom

First grade

Absent students:

Joe Camilletti, fourth grade

Patrick Keleher, third grade

Elizabeth Weis, second grade

Brady Daugherty, first grade


Elementary School

Wonderful ranch

What goes Mooo...a cow. Mr. Hume and Mrs. Hume have a wonderful ranch that has about 200 animals. They have like 4 different kinds of cows Jersey cows, Herfer, Angus, and Giterin. That's the kind of cows they have and the cows are awesome. They also have a lot of sheep that are brown and white and have really cozy fur they also have one llama whos name is Darnit. He has a really long neck and is dark brown. There's also 5 ducks and a mother goose. They also have a milking cow named Daisy they only milk her once a day between 7:30-8:00. Mrs. Hume likes cooking on her free time. They only have 60 chickens. Thats a lot and they lay like about 40 eggs a day. What they do with their eggs is keep some but they sell the rest Mrs. Hume says her favorite kind of chicken is the white chickens because her mom took cair and their better layers. Mrs. Hume likes taking cair of baby animals the best. They have a sheep dog his name is Pooch and a border Collie who's name is Bud. Their brand is Hr. Well thats Roberta Hume and Jim Humes ranch.

Yuri Mendoza

Fourth Grade

Crunchy snow

I saw a sheep and a llama. I saw hens and a turkey. I saw a cow. The peacocks flew on the roof of a shed. The goose was ice skating. I saw a lot of big white sheep. I saw a duck ice skating with the goose. They were ice skating and quacking together. We saw so many animals. We saw the milking mashin. We saw the milking mashin that gets germs out of the milk if they want to sell it. I learned alot at the Hume ranch. I liked it.

Taylor Haddock

First grade

Mr. and Mrs. Hume

We got to see sheep, geese, ducks, cows, chickens, roosters, a turkey, a llama, and a minicher pony. We milked Daisy. We saw peacocks too. But they did not spred their tails. I mostly slid on the ice. They get 40 eggs a day. They get 1200 eggs a month from their 60 chickens. I had a great day.

Katie Haskins

First grade

Hume Ranch

I went to a ranch. I saw cows. They have 60 chickens and 63 cows. That is a lot of cows and chickens. They had about four diffrent kinds of cows. I looked in the barn and they had a big milking cow. I saw ducks. The pond was frozen. The ducks slid on the ice. I saw sheep and a llama. I had fun at the Hume ranch. I learned some things on the Hume ranch. It was fun meeting the ranchers. That was the best trip ever.

Conner Scranton

Second grade

What eats a lot of food?

Mr. and Mrs. Hume have a lot of great animals. Mrs. Humes favorite is all of them. When we got there we went to see the sheep. With the sheep there was a llama and a baby pony. When we got to the chickens the owner found some of their eggs and one of them had a feather on it. Then we saw a turkey. The turkey was all brown and it had a little hair. Some of the geese were skweeking like little babies. There were a lot of cows. The Hume ranch was lots of fun. The Hume Ranch was the best day ever. I had lots of fun. It was great!

Keely Standridge

Third grade

The Humes

I went to the Hume ranch and saw lots of animals and met Roberta and Jim Hume that live on the Hume ranch. Roberta loves to be outside and she also likes animals. Roberta and Jim have 2 dogs; one is a border colly. His name is Bud. The other dog is a guard dog name Pooch. They said they have about 200 animals. It was very interesting at the Hume ranch and very fun.

Jordan Harmon

Fourth grade

Mr. and Mrs. Hume

What's colored white and eats hay? Sheep! I saw a goose. It was funny! The goose honked three times! We went to the Humes Ranch at 8:45 and we saw a turkey that had fluffy hair. We saw cows that were stinky but sweet. We saw some chickens and they were fluffy, really fluffy. We saw a llama. It was brown with fluffy fur. We saw a little baby pony, it was scared of us. We saw four little ducks. We saw some sheep with fluffy hair. Those are the things we saw at the Hume Ranch. I learned a lot at the Humes ranch. I went to the Hume's Ranch and it was great!

Anastasia White

Third grade

Roberta Hume

Roberta Hume has a lot of animals. Roberta has 60 chickens, one horse, 63 cows, 5 ducks and one goose. Roberta showed us the farm. I had fun.

Kaylee Durham

Second grade

Quack quack

I saw the duck walking on ice. They don't get along well with the peacock. I saw the peacock fly. The ranchers name is Roberta and Jim. Their last name is Hume. I had a lot of fun.

Emma Balstad

Second grade

Moo moo

I went to the Hume Ranch. I saw a cow and Roberta likes the outdoors and she likes animals. They get 3 gallons of milk a day from Daisy. I had fun at the Hume Ranch.

Jeremy Looper

First grade

The Hume Ranch

Roberta and Jim Hume have all sorts of animals. They have 60 white and brown chickens and 63 cows. Wow! Thats alot of brown, white and black cows. There was a turkey named Sam. I saw two peacocks! The male was blue and green and the female was white and brown. They have five ducks that are blue, brown, and green. The ducks were ice skating on pond. The sheep were fluffy and white. Their faces were black. Then I saw a llama. It had brown fluffy fur. There was a cute white shetland pony. Well, I guess thats it. I loved going the Hume Ranch.

Calden Scranton

Fourth grade

More animals than ever

Do you now Jim and Roberta Hume? Well they have 100 plus animals. They have sheep, dogs, cows, and a llama. They feed their sheep alfalfa. They feed their cows hay. Their sheep are very fluffy. Their dog is supposed to be protecting the sheep, but it was getting attention from the kids. The cows didn't mind the kids. I learned all this at the Jim and Roberta Hume ranch.

Kearn Gerber

Third grade

Moooore cows

Jim and Roberta Hume like to ranch. Roberta cooks on her free time. Jim likes to milk Daisy. I was impressed how the ducks and the goose walked on the ice. Daisy serves 3 gallins a day. It was fun watching Jim feed the sheep. The best part was the cows. They showed us the new machine the fed with Jim driving. I liked our trip to the Hume's ranch.

Garrett Uptain

Third grade

I Went to the Humes'

I saw ducks walking on ice and I saw peacocks. I watched white chickens and I saw a goat and I heard the sheep. Baaa baaa.

Jordan Classen

First grade

Cows are lazy today

Today I got to see a cow, a dog, duck and chickens. The cows were really lazy today. There were two dogs. The first dog we saw was white. The second dog was white and black. We got to see the farmer feed the sheep. There was one turkey. The turkeys name was Sam the turkey. We even saw ducks on ice. That was cool. After awhile we got on the bus and went back to school and wrote a story like this. When I was done I went back to my class. I liked going to the ranch.

Garrett Flint

Second grade

Baaaa baaaa

I saw Jim feed the sheep and I saw two baby sheep at the farm. It was fun.

Alyssa Boyer

First grade

Mr. and Mrs. Hume

Have you ever been to the Hume Ranch? I have. Mr. and Mrs. Hume gave us a tour. They have animals such as sheep, geese, chickens, llamas, turkeys, cows, ducks and peacocks. The ducks ran across the ice with the goose. The Hume family has done this since the 1930's. I had a wonderful experience at the Hume Ranch.

Aubrey Campbell

Fourth grade

At the ranch

Have you ever been to a ranch? I have! The owners names are Roberta and Jim Hume. Their family has been farming since the 1930's. We got to see alot of animals like fluffy sheep, a llama, a cute shetland pony and some cows. The cows that they get milk from are Jersey cows. The Humes brand is Hr. They brand horses, cows, and sheep. I went to the Humes ranch and it was great!

Bailey Kurz

Third grade

Animals at the ranch's always animals at the Hume ranch. You know I went there one time and I loved it! I saw a gray, anoing goose, little cute ducks, BIG cows, this big cute adoribal dog, different chickens, and Sam the turkey. They had all most 200 animals! It has to be hard work for them. Roberta and Jim Hume feed their animals once a day so it must cost a lot. Their favorite part of the day is bedtime. That is the most important part of the day for them. They brand their animals with Hr so they know that it's their animal. So if you go to the Hume ranch you might have lots of fun.

Paige Durbin

Third grade

Roberta Hume's farm

This article is about Roberta Hume's farm. She has 60 chickens, 63 cows and she has a milking cow named Daisy and a dog name Pooch. They get 40 eggs every day and can make money by selling eggs, milk, and cows. The Humes ranch is a fun, nice, place. I am very glad they let us come to their ranch and ask questions and demonstrate.

Hugh Turner

Fourth grade

Holy cow!

Holy Cow! 200 animals! Daisy the cow is one of 200 animals and she gets milked from 7:30-8:00 a.m. She says hi to the ducks every day. Daisy had black spots on her eye and was tall for some reason. These animals are taken care of by Jim and Roberta Hume. Sheep are taken care of by them and a llama too. Wow this is one giant farm! There are chickens, cows, sheep, a goat, llama and dogs. I wonder how they sleep at night?

Alex Herring

Fourth grade

Sunset Elementary School

Ranch writers

On Monday, November 27th I went to the Hume Ranch. I saw sheep and a miniature horse. I liked the ranch and I hope I can go again.

Dajia Lewis

First grade

A trip to a ranch

I was going to a ranch on a school bus. The ranch was fun and I liked it a lot! I saw cows eating hay.

Casey Copeland

First grade

The Hume Ranch

I went to the Humes. Have you ever seen a goose slide on the ice? I did. When the sheep's wool is green the babies are early. When the sheep's wool is red the babies are late. Jim & Roberta eat the pigs.

Sierra Spears

First grade

Visiting a ranch

Monday I visited the Hume Ranch. When I visited the Hume Ranch I saw four Mallard ducks. While I was there I saw a goose slide on the ice. The Ranch started in 1920.

Tristan Farquharson

First grade

Going to the Humes'

On Monday we went to the Hume's Ranch and the mama goose fell on the ice. We went over to the hens and the turkey laid some eggs. The cows got some hay. I saw a dairy cow and Grandma Hume showed us where to get the milk.

Josie Timmer

First grade

Going to a ranch

I went to a ranch. I saw a llama. I have never seen a llama before. I saw lots of sheep and hens. The hens lay 40 to 50 eggs a day.

Sampson Fejt

First grade

Ranch writers

Sunset and east elementary went on a field trip to the Hume ranch. The adults showed the two classes how to feed the sheep. First the hay was thrown off a 4 wealer for the sheep. Each sheep gets 5 pounds a day. The rancher raises cows, horses, pigs, turkeys, ducks, chickens, goats, geese, and has two peacocks. The ranch also has wild animals. The wild animals are coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks, and beavers. The ranch has 1,000 acers. The rancher grows wheat, hay, grass, and alfalfa. The rancher makes flour out of the wheat. The ranch also has Hawks, eagles, owls, and magpies. There are 60 cows at the Hume ranch. I might have a ranch.

Keenan Hildebrandt

Second grade

Young writers

On Monday, I went to the Hume Ranch. Jim Hume and Roberta Hume raised cows, sheep, 1 turkey, geese, horses, 4 ducks, llama, and chickins. The cows, sheep and the 1 llama ate hay. Each cow eat 20 pound of hay a day. Each sheep eats 5 pounds of hay a day. Their brand ia a H and and upside down J. The brand looks like this. ^HJ. They had a guard dog. The guard dogs name is Pooch. The chickins smelled very bad I mean BAD! The chickins layed 40 to 50 eggs a day. So did the turkey lay eggs. There were 60 cows, and 35 sheep. They grew wheat for the dairy cows to eat.

John T. Peroulis

Second grade

A trip to a ranch

I wonted to see a peacock but they were hiding some where so we did not get to see them. I wish we saw them. I want to go to the ranch every day because it was fun. I never have seen a peacock before.

Alicia Alonso

Second grade

A trip to a ranch

Have you ever seen a goose slide on the ice? Well I have. I am going to tell you aoubt my trip to a ranch with Alicia and some other kids too. We saw sheep, cow, ducks a turkey and chickens too. There were 55 chickens and 35 sheeps and 1 turkey that did not get eaten for Thanksgiveing. Their brand was ^HJ. We had a lot of fun. I wish I could pet a duck or a chicken too.

Brooke Krause

Second grade

Visit to Hume ranch

On Monday November 27th I went to the Hume ranch. I saw a cow. They did not smell too good. Something else I saw was lots of chickens. I saw sheep. If they had green on their wool their babies will come early. If they had red on their wool their babies will come late. And that's what I did at the hume rach.

Tehya Colvin

Second grade

Hume ranch

Guess what? I just went to the Hume ranch. I see 5 ducks, 1 goose, 35 sheep, 55 chickens, 60 cows, and 1 guard dog. Their brand is like this ^HJ. I wonder if I ever will go to their rench again.

David Fox

Second grade

The Hume ranch

I have never seen a mini horse and it was so small I thought it was a Dog but Roberta said it was a mini horse. My favorite animal was the dairy cow and it's baby.

There chickens lay up to 40 to 50 eggs a day and Jim keeps the chicken trough full of food.

If I could go back to the Hume Ranch I would look for the peacock.

Eli Simpson

Third grade

Going to a ranch

Have you ever been to a ranch? If you have never been to a ranch let me tell you about a ranch I went to today. The ranchers have 35 sheep, 1 donkey, 1 llama, 1 turkey, 55 chickens, 50 cows. Their chickens can lay 40 to 50 eggs a day. A thing I never knew was that the farmers Jim and Roberta have a grandson named Brice. In a stream I saw a green crawdad catch right in the middle of stream. The thing I loved about the ranch was the animals.

Steven Walls

Third grade

Going to the ranch

On Monday November 27 I went to the Hume ranch. They have sheep, horses, ducks, and a llama. The owners are Jim and Roberta Hume. I like the turkey it is nice. My second favorite is the hens because they give us their eggs. They have four tractors. The cattle eat 50 pouns a day. Each sheep eats about 5 pouns a day. When we were there the ducks were on the ice. Roberta said that she likes to be on the ranch. I know the Humes because they're my grandparents. So I get to go out most of the time so I don't need to worry about going out again.

Bryce Tuttle

Third grade

The Hume Ranch

Have you ever been to the Humes ranch? Well, I have and I'm going to tell you about it. The people who own it names are Roberta and Jim Hume. The many kinds of animals are these, sheep, chickens, turkeys, cows, llamas, peacocks, dogs, ducks, geese, and horses. The farm is a thousand acres in all. Roberta and Jim have been ranching for 35 years. You are probley wondering why they ranch. Here is the answer to that, they were both born and raised on a ranch. They raise a lot of animals, they can't even count them! Their barn is only six years old because of a recent fire that burned down the whole thing, so they built a new one. They just love ranching because of the animals. I know this is weird but they do eat some of their animals. For a living they sell some of there animals like cows, sheep and chickens. They grow wheat in a big wheat yard in back of their house. I learned all this at the Hume's ranch.

Morgan Lawton

Third grade

The Hume Ranch

Have you ever seen a goose slide on ice? Well I have at the Hume Ranch. I also saw a miniature horse. It was back far a way. They brand their cows with the HJ. Oh yeah their chickens lay 50 to 40 eggs a day. I really like the Hume Ranch.

Issik Herod

Third grade

Visiting the ranch

Have you ever been to the Hume Ranch? Roberta and Jim taught us about their animals. They have 1,000 acres. They have sheep, cows, chickens, one turkey, two peacocks and a miniature horse and two dogs and a llama. Their chickens lay 40 to 50 eggs a day. The llama name is Darn it. The Hume Ranch is five miles east of craig. I loved the Hume Ranch.

Brittany Young

Third grade

The Hume Ranch

Have you ever been to the Hume ranch? No. Then you have to come to the right place.

Well these are some animals we saw. We saw sheep, chickens, llama, guard dog, miniature horse, ducks, geese, turkey, cows, and peacocks. The sheep are fed 5 pound a day. The chickens eat corn, oats and other things. The llama eats with the sheep. The cows eat 20 pound of hay each in one day! That is a lot of hay!

Jim & Roberta Hume have lived on a ranch for 35 years! They brand with ^HJ which stands for Jim Hume. They only brand their cows. Their sheep have green which means early babies and red which means late babies.

Well I had a lot of fun at the Hume ranch. It was a very fun trip!

The End

Shelby Fredrickson

Fourth grade

Hume Ranch

Have you ever been to a ranch? Our Young Writers group went to the Hume Ranch. Jim and Roberta Hume have been living at the ranch for 35 years! They raise 35 sheep, 2 dogs, 1 minature pony, 1 llama, 4 ducks, and 1 goose. They also have 1 turkey, 55 chickens, 60 cows, 5 dairy cows and 2 peacocks. The chickens give 40 -- 50 eggs per day. That's a lot. The cows eat 20 pounds of alfalfa a day. That's 1,500 for all the cows in 1 day! WOW!!!

The Humes put their brand on all 60 cows. Their brand is an H and an upside down J with a rafter on top. It stands for Jim Hume. Jim's favorite animal to raise is cows.

The Hume Ranch is a very fun and interesting ranch.

Abigail Gonzales

Fourth grade

The Hume Ranch

Mr. Jim Hume is feeding the sheep. The sheep can eat 5 pounds a peace in one day. Now we're looking at the chickens. Jim has 50 chickens and 1 turkey. They also have a dog named Pooch. He is white and fluffy. Now Jim is feeding the cows by dropping hay out of the trailer. The cows eat 1 ½ bails, 1,000 pounds of hay a day. Jim also has 60 cows. Mr. Jim has 1,000 acres on his Ranch. The cows brand is ^HJ. The sheeps brand is sis. Jim has a cow named Daisy. She is 8 years old. They milk her once a day. Mr. Jim Hume lives on Hume Ranch Highway 40. The Hume Ranch is very cool and stuffed with information. I hope you get a chance to go.

Kayla Tomlin

Fourth grade

Magnificent things

Have you ever been to the Hume's ranch? I have. While I was there I learned magnificent things about animals. Mr. Jim Hume said he feeds each sheep, 5 pounds of food a day. Mrs. Roberta Hume said that the llamas name is Darn it because he tries get out so they say "Darn it get back in here!" Mrs. Hume also said her dog named Pooch is a guard to make sure the animals don't get out. Mrs. Hume feed her chikens wheat and corn. She said she get 40 to 50 eggs a day. She owns 50 chikens. She had one turkey. Mr. Hume's brand of cow food is ^HJ. He feeds the cows 20 pounds each. That is one and a half bails of hay. Mrs. and Mr. Hume live on Highway 40.

Dustin Weyand

Fourth grade

My ranch adventure

Have you ever seen a goose slide on ice? Today I got to. The goose didn't have a name. There were four ducks in the ditch with the goose. All four ducks were in the water and climbed onto the ice with no trouble. The goose was in the water and was going to try to get on the ice. He almost got on the ice, but he slipped and fell. At the Hume Ranch, I met a lady and a man. The ladie's name is Roberta Hume. The man's name is Jim Hume. Roberta and Jim raise pigs, cows, and chickens, but also eat them. Jim and Roberta own 1,000 acres. I really enjoyed going to the Hume Ranch!

Alexis Martinez

Fourth grade

Ranch of the Humes

We went to a ranch and we watched how the Humes ran their ranch. They had 60 cows and each cow eats 20 pounds of hay a day. They also had 55 chickens and 1 turkey. The turkey and chickens lay 40 -- 50 eggs per day. The llama's name was Darn it. The big dog was white and his name was Pooch. There were 35 sheep and each sheep ate 5 pounds a day. They also had a minature horse. The Hume's eat chicken, cows and pigs. That's what I saw and what the Humes eat and raise at their ranch.

Jarrett Brewer

Fourth grade

Craig Intermediate School

Moo! Baa! Cluck!

Moo! Baa! Cluck, cluck! That's what Jim and Roberta Hume get to hear everyday at their ranch just east of town. When the young writers group went to the Hume Ranch today, Jim and Roberta told us how they produce food with their animals. Milk, eggs and cheese are only three of the foods they make. Did you know that it takes five gallon of milk from Daisy, the milking cow, to make a small block of cheese? The Hume ranchers don't only make dairy products, but they also raise wheat and meat. But the animals need food, too. They feed the chicken with chicken-feed, the sheep with alfalfa, and the cows with big rolls of hay. So, the next time you eat an egg or drink a glass of milk, you'll know that it might have come from the Hume Ranch.

Alex Bulla

Sixth grade

The Hume Farm

Three gallons a day, wow! On Tuesday, November 15, the Young Writers group went to the Hume farm East of town. While we were there, one of the things that we learned about was dairy cows. The Hume's dairy cow, Daisy, produces three gallons of milk a day. You're probably wondering what they do with all that milk. It really doesn't seem like a lot of milk to them, because when Mrs. Hume isn't working on the farm she's cooking. It takes five gallons of milk to make a little block of cheese. If you ever need to know about dairy cows visit the Hume farm.

Brittany Walker

Fifth grade

Cow jumped over moon

You have probably heard this saying before, "The cow jumped over the moon." But in this case, the cow stays put and gets milked everyday! Mr. and Mrs. Hume take turns milking the Daisy, the milk cow. Daisy produces three gallons of milk everyday! Daisy is one out of seven milk cows at the Hume Ranch. Mr. Hume showed us how to milk a cow. Mrs. Hume trys to milk Daisy in the morning between 7:30 and 8:00. Daisy is one smelly cow!

The young writers went to the Hume Ranch on Wedneaday, November 15, 2006 to learn more about ranching. I learned that it is NOT easy at all! They get up everyday at 5:00 and feed the animals. The Hume Ranch has a lot of beef cows that they sell. Mr. and Mrs. Hume love working on their ranch!

Brenna Ciesco

Fifth grade


East of Craig lies a ranch. The name of it is Hume. The Humes are the nicest people. With animals, such as cows and sheep all around, they have a busy day. As Jim Hume said, " Work brings gifts and gifts brings pleasure." At seven a.m. Jim gets up to feed. First he gathers eggs. Then he feeds and milks the cows. The last thing he does is feed the sheep. After a hard day of work, he sits and relaxes.

Curtis Dunlap

Fifth grade

Adventures on a ranch

Roberta and Jim Hume, are the people that do so much. Because they live on a big ranch, they have almost 65 animals. They take care of them all !

What do they do that for? They love animals and being outside. At least Roberta does. Jim and Roberta are happy to live on the Hume Ranch. They have worked on their farm for 30 years. Jim feeds all of the animals: the cows, chickens, sheep, lamas, ponies and others. Then Jim milks Daisy,their milking cow. I think they're doing a great job. Don't forget this, if their cows get out, and are eating your flowers, look for a brand that looks like this ^HJ. Good job Roberta and Jim !!!

Ripley Bellio

Fifth grade

Cows milk!

Daisy Two can't count to two, but she can make three! She can produce three gallons of milk a day. The Young Writers went to Mr. and Mrs. Hume's house to learn about ranching. Mr. Hume brought Daisy in from the corral. I think she was nervous because she was pooping. It was stinky! We heard Daisy Two mooing; we know she doesn't like her heard in a stanchion. The cows are on regular schedule and milked every morning by Roberta or Jim. Mr. Hume had the tractor to feed the cows. Mr. and Mrs. Hume sell their beef cows. So when you have a glass a milk, think of where it comes from.

Leann Showalter

Fifth grade


Got milk? Young writers went to the Hume Ranch, on the east side of town, to learn how to take care of a ranch.

At the Hume Ranch they have sixty-three cows, but I liked a cow named Daisy, she is a milking cow. She gives three gallons of milk a day! You can't even make a block of cheese with that; it takes five gallons of milk to make a tiny block of cheese. They milk Daisy with a milking machine. Roberta, one of the owners of the Hume Ranch, milks her once a day. Daisy isn't the only dairy cow, they have seven, but Daisy was my favorite. So remember, the Humes have lots of milk.

Nicole Ferree

Fifth grade

A lot of work

Today, November 15th, the young writers learned about how to take care of a ranch.

Daisy, one of the milk cows, gives three gallons of milk a day. For cheese, three gallons doesn't go very far. It takes five gallons of milk to make a two inch block of cheese! That's a lot! In her free time, Mrs. Hume cooks. She makes cheese and cottage cheese from the milk. When Mr. Hume is working at a Coal mine Mrs. Hume does everything. Taking care of a farm is a lot of work.

Travis Walsh

Fifth grade

The Hume Ranch cows

Got Milk? If you don't, go to the Hume Ranch and ask Daisy for three gallons. On November 15th, the Young Writers at Craig Intermediate School went to the Hume Ranch. We saw the cows. More than sixty cows are usually sold. But seven of them are dairy cows. One dairy cow is named Daisy. "She gives off three gallons a day," says Roberta Hume, while showing us the machine that milks Daisy. "We have to keep the milk clean," says Jim Hume, "It's very important." Roberta in her spare time takes the milk and makes cheese and cottage cheese. Now I know how to milk a cow and what to feed it. Thanks, Hume Ranch!

Kyleen Ellgen

Sixth grade

Spray-painted sheep!?

Spray paint the color of red, blue, or green spots the back of the sheep. What does that have to do with a ranch?

On November 15, 2006, the Young Writers visited Jim and Roberta Hume's ranch. They have had the ranch for a long time. The Hume's parents bought it in 1930.

Jim and Roberta raise sheep for sale and for wool. Alfalfa is, for sheep, glorious food. Also, believe it or not, the sheep have spray paint on their back! Green means they are to have a baby sooner than the sheep with red on their back. Blue means they aren't pregnant yet.

The Hume ranch was a great field trip. It was full beautiful animals, including the spray painted sheep,the wonderful sights and not so wonderful smells.

Gaven Spears

Sixth grade

Open range

Daisy two can't count to two, but she produces three! C.I.S and Ridgview Elementary School went on a tour to the Hume Ranch on November 15, 2006. The Ranch is east of town and has dairy cows. Daisy two, a big brown, dairy cow, produces milk and has a calf. She bellows when she is milked, once a day. Daisy may smell like feed and manure, but she produces some of the food you eat! If you would like to see her, ask the Humes to have you over. Jim and Roberts will be glad to show you Daisy two!

Samantha George

Sixth grade


I never thought that there could be a guard dog that's as nice as the one I met today at the Hume Ranch, west of town. It's a massive cream colored dog that looks like it could be a great guard dog, but it is as friendly as can be. The dog's job is to protect the live stock from any vicious animals and to keep burglars out of the house. This pooch was everywhere we were, from the chicken coop to the cow's pasture. Pooch, this creamy colored guard dog, wasn't just man's best friend, it was everybody's friend.

Michael Samuelson

Sixth grade

Bud and Pooch

Dogs are truly man's best friend. The Young Writers went to the Hume ranch, east of town, on November 15, 2006. We learned about the ranching culture of Moffat County. Bud and Pooch both are very smart. Bud, the border collie has jet black and snow white fur. His job is to gather or round up the sheep. Pooch is snow white like Bud but without the black. He is a guard dog. He protects the sheep from coyotes and other predators. Pooch is very nice to people though. It's always good to have a dog around, trust me.

Sheldon Hershiser

Sixth grade

The chickens plus Sam

"Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!" At the Hume Ranch, they have tons of chickens. There is just one oddball. His name is Sam. Sam is odd because he is a turkey! All chickens lay eggs. Jim and Roberta Hume get about 40 eggs a day. That's a lot of eggs.

The Hume Ranch has a lot of animals, but the chickens are my favorite. I wish I could see Sam and the chickens again someday.

Brianna Combs

Fifth grade

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