Freshman diver leads Bulldogs to fifth place


Freshmen Genna Bradley was enjoying cheering for her teammates Saturday at the Patriot Invite when she heard her name over the sound system, announcing her arrival onto the high school diving scene.

Bradley scored 259.40 points in 11 dives to secure a fifth-place finish for Moffat County. The freshman is in her first year of diving.

She said when they started calling names, she didn't expect to hear hers, but when she did, it was "really exciting."

"They started announcing the top 10, and I wasn't really listening," Bradley said.

Bradley executed a near-flawless inward somersault dive, her least favorite dive to do, to help the Bulldogs score in the girls 1-meter diving.

"I thought I did really well," Bradley said.

She said she was a little nervous to start, but after the first couple of dives she "chilled out."

Coach Marin Campbell said Bradley looked solid in all her dives.

"Everyone was really excited for Genna," Campbell said.

Other leaders for Moffat County at the Patriot Invite included junior Kelsey Conci, who finished second in the 50-yard freestyle and third in the 100-yard backstroke. Caitlin Conci finished fourth in the 100-yard butterfly and ninth in the 200-yard medley relay.

Campbell said the entire team showed improvements in time.

"Clare (Sorrentino) dropped 12 seconds off her backstroke," Campbell said.

The Patriot Invite is one of the larger and more competitive meets Moffat County travels to, and Campbell said getting that competition early in the season is helpful.

"It always helps to see what's out there," Campbell said. "Swimming in just the Western Slope, you get a false sense of reality."

Another meet with competition similar to the state meet is JeffCo, which takes place at Edora Pool Ice Center in Fort Collins. The Bulldogs will compete there Jan. 12 and 13.

The Bulldogs have one more meet before Christmas break. On Dec. 15, they travel to Palisade for a quad with Montrose, Grand Junction and Palisade.

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200 yard medley relay: 9. Moffat County, 2:04.97 200 yard freestyle: 52. Andria Dremel, 2:51.07; 59. Ashley Pacot, 2:58.09; 60. Kyra Workman, 2:59.90; 62. Megan Knez, 3:07.02. 200 yard IM: 12. Caitlin Conci, 2:27.01; 32. Katherine Dodd, 2:55.32. 50 yard freestyle: 2. Kelsey Conci, 25.51; 26. Sara Kurz, 29.04; 48. Cameo Wilson, 33.07; 58. Clare Sorrentino, 35.83. 1 meter diving: 5. Genna Bradley, 259.40. 100 yard butterfly: 4. Caitlin Conci, 1:06.06; 28. Kelsey Pierson, 1:25.78; 35. Katie Knez, 1:29.21. 100 yard freestyle: 30. Meghan Innes, 1:07.94; 25. Katherine Dodd, 1:09.80; 37. Natasha Romney, 1:11.65; 51. Kyra Workman, 1:18.22; 52. Cameo Wilson, 1:18.36. 500 yard freestyle: 48. Ashley Pacot, 8:20.84. 200 yard freestyle relay: 11. Moffat County, 2:04.21. 100 yard backstroke: 3. Kelsey Conci, 1:02.06; 31. Meghan Innes, 1:17.52; 46. Andria Dremel, 1:31.80; 57. Clare Sorrentino, 1:47.84. 100 yard breaststroke: 17. Sara Kurz, 1:22.05; 23. Natsha Romney, 1:24.02; 32. Kelsey Pierson, 1:27.07; 33. Katie Knez, 1:27.60; 42. Megan Knez, 1:30.78. 400 yard freestyle relay: 10. Moffat County, 4:17.49.

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