Briefs for Dec. 7


The School Accountability Reports released Tuesday by the Colorado Department of Education are one of three assessments the district receives about schools' success, said Moffat County School District Superintendent Pete Bergmann.

"It's one of many indicators that gives us a picture of how we are doing with academic achievement," he said.

Other assessments include Annual Yearly Progress reports and the state accreditation review, which provides a more comprehensive look at district progress, Bergmann said.

All district schools, with the exception of Maybell Elementary and Dinosaur Community Charter schools, scored average on the reports, which base scores on Colorado Student Assessment Program tests.

The SARs are based on Colorado Student Assessment Program scores for the 2005-06 school year compared with scores from other schools statewide.

The top 8 percent of schools receive an excellent rating; the next 25 percent receive a high rating; the next 40 percent receive an average rating; the next 25 percent receive a low rating; and the bottom 2 percent receive an unsatisfactory rating.

Bergmann said Moffat County's CSAP scores have shown "steady, incremental growth" over the past several years.

"We are always striving to be better than ever," Bergmann said.

Maybell's scores were listed as not reportable. Dinosaur's performance scores were low. However, Dinosaur is now operated under Hope Online Learning Academy and is no longer part of Moffat County School District.

High school choir offers Christmas grams

For a small fee, Craig residents may send some holiday cheer to friends or family and help out the Moffat County High School choir.

The choir is offering Christmas grams this holiday season. For $10, a small ensemble will sing three Christmas carols, serve a holiday treat and take a picture with recipients of the Christmas grams.

Delivery of the Christmas grams are set for 3:30 to 6 p.m. Dec. 18 and 19.

Christmas grams must be reserved by Dec. 14. To reserve a Christmas gram, call Julie Rustand at 824-7036, ext. 7130.

Hayden delays water intake project

Cold weather has delayed completion of a new water intake structure, a Hayden town project, until next fall, officials said Wednesday.

Divers setting up a dam to allow for construction of the new intake structure were unable to work in the freezing temperatures. Town officials decided Tuesday to delay the project until next year.

The intake structure started having problems in August and officials have been working on a long-term solution that would also included upsizing the structure for future growth.

The town will complete one phase of the project in the next couple of weeks by placing an upsized pipe in the river that will allow for increased flow; the concrete structure will not be completed until fall 2007.

Hayden officials said the project has had no impact on users.

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