Moffat County schools performing at average


Moffat County School District students are performing at an average level, according to School Accountability Reports released Tuesday by the Colorado Department of Education.

All district schools, with the exception of Maybell Elementary and Dinosaur Community Charter schools, scored average on the 2005-06 school year reports, which base scores on Colorado Student Assessment Program scores.

The average performance score marks a step down for Ridgeview, which received a high rating for the 2004-05 school year. The remainder of the schools maintained their scores.

These scores are compared with schools statewide to determine schools' ratings. The top 8 percent of schools receive an excellent rating; the next 25 percent receive a high rating; the next 40 percent receive an average rating; the next 25 percent receive a low rating; and the bottom 2 percent receive an unsatisfactory rating.

Dinosaur Community Charter School received low performance scores for both grade divisions. Dinosaur school is now operated under Hope Online Learning Academy and is no longer part of Moffat County School District.

Maybell's school is labeled not reportable, likely because there are not enough students who attend the school, making the individual students identifiable by releasing their assessment information, a Department of Education spokeswoman said. For the 2004-05 school year, Maybell received an excellent performance rating and significant improvement rating for its academic growth.

Growth is a measure that is determined by academic measures for students within the school district. It does not compare students to other schools in the state.

Craig Intermediate School, Moffat County High School and Dinosaur received decline ratings for growth.

Craig Middle School and Ridgeview and Sunset elementary schools received stable ratings for growth.

East Elementary School got an improvement rating for growth.

CMS is the only school to improve its growth rating -- it declined for 2004-05. The rest dropped one to two levels in their ratings.

School district officials could not be reached Tuesday for comment on the reports.

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