Speak Up for Dec. 5


Account for funds

I read the other day in the Daily Press that our school district is considering an election for a tax increase.

Before I vote "yes" for such an increase, I would like to know where all the excess funds from our last elected tax increase have gone. Spending has increased at an alarming rate while the number of students in our schools has decreased. Something doesn't add up.

Teaching responsibility

It's a pretty sad social statement when Craig Daily Press readers are more worried about drinking alcohol at a fundraising event than they are about voting for important political issues.

I find it incredibly interesting that readers sincerely have a problem with alcohol being served at an adult fundraising event -- regardless of what the fundraiser supports. There is nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about drinking an alcoholic beverage if you are an adult older than 21. Period.

And, I don't think that sending a message to youths that having a drink is the world's worst crime is a responsible way to raise children. Part of being an adult is having the choice to consume alcohol. Children will someday have this privilege, too.

Why don't we teach our children what responsible social activities are and help them to understand how to make good choices in their future. Pretending like alcohol doesn't exist is the perfect way to ensure that our children will not only experiment, but do so without understanding the consequences. Making the decision to drink in front of your children is the choice of a parent.

The people who believe that asking the Fair Board or Boys & Girls Club to reconsider what they will and will not allow in public should consider whether they really want what they are asking for.

As an adult, I want the right to make my own choice -- about drinking, about raising children and about how to live my life. What I don't want is someone else -- especially a fair board -- to tell me what I can and can't do.

If everyone would spend as much time worrying about doing right in their own lives and less time worrying about doing right in others' lives, imagine what a happy place we would live in.

Dealing with snow

Question? Why do the city's snowplows run the roads with the blade up and only drop sand? Also, they're wasting gas.

I didn't think residents were allowed to plow the snow from their driveways into the streets. Are there new rules this year?

Alcohol-free events

I would like to D.A.R.E. the Boys & Girls Club of Craig to have their Cowboy Christmas fundraiser be alcohol free.

I would like to see if the same adults who enjoyed themselves this Saturday night would attend the event next year if it were alcohol free. What if the same children this wonderful club cares for attended and danced to the 1340 Band and played rummy and blackjack with their parents?

Is it possible to sponsor such an event and have it be as monetarily successful? I would love to take my kids to a formal fundraiser to show them that it takes a community to keep these institutions going.

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