An aspiring master of style

Salon owner, stylist brings flair to the profession


To her clients, Darcey Walker is already a great stylist, but now she's one step closer to becoming a master stylist.

On stage, under the lights and showing others that the sky is the limit when you have scissors in your hand -- that's how Walker wants it to be.

The self-proclaimed natural salesperson and owner of Studio 7, 2017 W. Victory Way, has been a stylist for 27 years. For 20 of those years, Walker has been using and promoting a hair care product that's been crucial to her success thus far and will be the key to becoming a master stylist.

"I'm always up for a challenge," Walker said about the time she decided to start selling KMS California.

KMS California is a line of hair care products, ranging from shampoos and conditioners to hairsprays, that follows the philosophy that hair is the expression of one's individuality and lifestyle. People should have fun when using the product, according to its Web site.

As a young stylist in Sacramento, Calif., Walker began offering the product line, and it sold faster than hot cakes.

The west coast native has a free-spirited attitude toward her profession. However, she is thankful each time someone walks into her studio.

"We're not doing them a favor, they're doing me a favor by sitting down in my chair," Walker said as she applied dye to Kayleen Leonard's hair in her Craig salon.

A Craig resident for seven years, Walker has quickly climbed to the top in Colorado KMS California sales.

And the company noticed.

In July, KMS California flew Walker to Baltimore, Md. for the Goldwell KMS Academy to teach her about the latest products and show her new techniques, all out of the company's pocket.

Walker said she was the only person from Colorado to be selected to attend the academy. After completing the course, Walker can now proudly call herself a Certified KMS California Educator.

"When I walked away (from the academy) I thought, 'hair is my imagination,'" Walker said. "It's what you perceive it to be. Once you open the box to your imagination, there's no stopping you."

The academy classes bring Walker just a couple courses short of the title she desires -- "master stylist."

"Being a master stylist is my ultimate goal," she said as she walked Leonard over to the sink for a rinse.

Letting the water run through Leonard's newly dyed hair, Walker said, "It's always exciting to see such a change."

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