As Hemingway put it...


Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "We're all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes the master."

While I would never consider myself close to Hemingway -- and I also would consider myself more of a journalist than a writer -- the gist of it, I understand.

Especially when I move to a new town to take on a new role in a newsroom.

I must admit, it can be frustrating feeling that, as editor, I should know everything about the town, but also knowing that it is very much an impossible feat after two weeks of being in town.

Regardless of the fact, I wanted to take this time to, A, say thank you to the many people who have graciously welcomed me and my wife, Jamie, to town; B, make some random observations; and C, let you know a little more about my wife and I.


Growing up in Colorado and spending the past year and a half on the "left coast" of Oregon, I have to say I've enjoyed the snow and cold. But when it gets so cold outside that I have to scrape the inside windows of my Jeep, I don't want to call it ridiculously cold, but it just might be.

Still, you know you're in Colorado when you see someone filling up his tank of gas wearing shorts in 20-degree weather. I love it.

After being in small towns the past couple of years, it's nice to see the positive attitude so many Craig residents have. I guess I should expect that in a city that has a street called Victory Way running through the middle of it.

It's easy to tell that people are passionate about the Craig Daily Press, and will not accept any mistakes in the paper. That is something I'm grateful for, and encourage you all to call us on.

Random things about my wife and I:

In regards to the last item written, you should know that I view every mistake in the paper as my fault. Honest mistakes will happen from time to time. My focus is to make sure we avoid mistakes, and if we do make them, let's not repeat them.

My wife is Jamie. If you haven't met her yet, please do me a favor and wait for me to be out of earshot before saying something like, "She's way too good for him." I already know it.

I'm a Broncos fan, but an even bigger Nuggets fan. They were actually in Jamie's and my wedding vows.

I'm always open to feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to come by and talk about any ideas you have for the paper.

While I believe Hemingway's aforementioned quote to be true, it doesn't stop me from believing that we all shouldn't try to be masters even if it is an impossible task.

And finally, I very much look forward to working with and learning from you all. And, again, thanks.

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