Melanie McDaniels: Boston massacred


Dear beloved Red Sox fans,
Fret not. Although the boys are reeling from a brutal beating from their arch nemesis -- the New York Yankees -- there is hope.

As the Sox head to Los Angeles to take on the Anaheim Angels, let's take time to address the disappointment of the squad's five-game sweep at the hands of the Yankees. Then, maybe, we can move on.

A recent article published on's "From the back page" lists the 2006 obituary for the Red Sox, but I say to them, the season is not dead yet. They will rise. The Yankees still have a chance to stumble.

With the Seattle Mariners on their upcoming schedule, the same Mariners who are primed for a late season turnaround, the Yankees path to the American League East pennant isn't an easy one. Although it may be unlikely the Bronx Bombers will give back the lead they took from the Red Sox in Seattle, a girl can still dream.

I believe in Boston. I am a fan.

Their dismal showing during the Yankee series makes my heart ache.

Now, Boston is 6 1/2 games behind the Yankees in the AL East.

Honestly, I don't think I could cry any harder than I am right now.

They used 29 pitchers... TWENTY-NINE! That's one pitcher shy of the major league record for pitchers used in a series. (My heart is currently being torn from my chest.)

The games were pitiful. The Sox couldn't capitalize on anything, even with the most feared back-to-back duo in all of baseball, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz.

Ramirez fared better than Ortiz in the five-game series, going 8 of 11 with two homers and 7 RBIs. Ortiz went 5 for 17 with two homers. However, Big Papi wasn't the biggest disappointment in the Boston lineup.

That distinction belongs to Coco Crisp, whose dismal 1-for-19 production is a far cry from the $2.7 million he's paid by the club.

The scores of the series were nothing to be proud of, except maybe the second game, a bitter, 14-11 loss.

Boston led 10-7 after five innings. Then the Sox pitching imploded in the seventh, and the Yankees capitalized with a seven-run outburst.

It's true I bleed Boston red and blue, and I will be the first person to stand up and say, 'We'll get 'em next time.'

Let's just hope that the Angels, another hot team coming off a sweep of Seattle, self-destruct at home so the Sox can get back on track toward the pennant.

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