Fourth-grader wins statewide essay contest


When Brittany Walker was asked to write about her hero, she chose her mom.

When her article placed in the top 50 of those submitted in Colorado, Brittany found out that she would receive a $100 scholarship for college.

"I was really excited," Brittany said. "Mom always helps out with school and other things."

The fourth-grade classes at East Elem-entary School have been entering these programs put on by CollegeInvest, a nonprofit higher-education financing organization, for more than four years.

When Brittany began thinking about an inspiring person or a role model for her project, she thought of her mother, who she said is a dedicated volunteer at the school.

Brittany's mom, Cherie, frequently volunteers at school, said Judy Foster, Brittany's fourth-grade teacher.

Brittany wrote her entry two months ago and competed with 1,700 fourth-graders in Colorado before being notified of her success Tuesday.

All three fourth-grade classes at East Elementary participated in the project during their Colorado history classes.

Brittany said she doesn't know where she will go to college but that with this award, she already is planning financially for her higher education.

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