Sarah Wiseman on behalf of Lacey Wiseman: Someone stole elk shed from 5-year-old


To the editor:

My mom is helping me write this letter because I am only 5 years old. On Sunday, I went with my dad and sister to fix a fence on our property on Moffat County Road 39. I was so proud of myself because I found an elk shed by myself. I thought it was neat and couldn't wait to show my mom. My dad asked me to leave it by the pond until we were done so that I wouldn't lose it. When we were coming back down the hill, we heard a truck stop, but by the time we got down to our fence, they were gone and so was my shed. I was really sad because I wanted to show my mom what I found. When I break the rules at home, my mom takes away cartoons one day for every rule I break. I think you should have two days of no cartoons because you broke two rules. You touched something that wasn't yours and you came into our property without asking. I may not see my sheds again, but at least my dad and sister saw me happy. My mom, well, she only got to hear about it.

Sarah Wiseman on behalf of Lacey Wiseman

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