Party assemblies coming up


Candidates for Moffat County sheriff and county commissioner will get a look at what public support for them is like in the next week.

The Moffat County Repub-licans and the Moffat County Democrats will host party assemblies.

The Democrats' assembly is at 7 p.m. today at The Center of Craig, and the GOP assembly is at 8:30 a.m. April 15 at Craig Intermediate School.

At the party assemblies, delegates decide who will be on the ballot in August's primary.

There are no Democrats running for local office this year, so at the Democrats' assembly today, delegates will spend most of their time electing locals to attend the Colorado Democratic Party state assembly in Greeley next month.

Terry Carwile, chairman of the Moffat County Democrats, said the state party allows Moffat County to send five delegates to the state assembly.

But finding five people to make the trek to Greeley could be a challenge, he said.

"Greeley is kind of a long haul," Carwile said.

At the GOP assembly, Republicans will decide between two candidates for sheriff and two commissioner candidates.

Candidates must get 30 percent of the vote from the delegates to be on the ballot. If candidates get between 10 percent and 30 percent, they can petition their way onto the ballot. Anything below 10 percent means candidates have to run as independents.

The candidate who garners the most support at the assembly will get his or her name on the top line of August's primary ballot.

Jerry Hoberg and Tim Jantz are running for sheriff as Republicans. Vic Alton is running as an independent.

Vicki Burns, Dan W. Martin and Tom Mathers are running for Moffat County commissioner as Republicans.

Burns and Martin will be on the ballot at next week's assembly. Mathers, however, skipped the caucus and assembly process and opted to petition his way onto the ballot.

Ron Danner, chairman of the Moffat County Republicans, said candidates will have a chance to make their pitch to the 90 delegates gathered at the assembly.

Danner said candidates get to talk about why they should be elected, but many delegates will probably have their minds made up before the assembly.

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