From preschool to college

Moffat County has it all for the aspiring student


Moffat County offers a comprehensive and high-quality educational experience for students of all ages.

The Moffat County School District, combined with the Craig campus of Colorado Northwestern Community College, give the residents of Moffat County a variety of educational opportunities from preschool to higher education.

Moffat County School District

The Moffat County School District provides its students with a well-rounded education with a strong technological background.

"We have been committed to delivering a lot of technology-based instruction to our students," Assistant Superintendent Joel Sheridan said.

Sheridan said the district's greatest strength is its staff.

"Our classroom teacher is the backbone of the district," he said. "They're professional educators and well-trained."

The teachers meet the "highly qualified" status set by the state and federal government, meaning the teachers have degrees in the subjects they teach.

The schools have numerous extracurricular activities available, including 18 successful high school athletic teams. The district also offers band, choir and speech and debate team opportunities to give its students a well-balanced education.

Moffat County High School's vocational programs give students the opportunity to go beyond classroom learning.

Students in the woodshop, welding and agriculture courses learn real-world skills they can use after graduation.

In addition, many students graduate with college credits thanks to the dual enrollment program the high school has with Colorado Northwestern Community College.

Class sizes for kindergarten through fourth grade range from 18 to 23 students.

Seven of eight grade levels scored at or above the state average for reading on the 2004-2005 Colorado Student Assessment Program. Five of eight did so for math.

The budget for the 2005-06 school year was $17.3 million, which translates into about $7,237 per student.

Perhaps the district's biggest asset is its size.

"Our district is just the right size to be able to offer just about anything we want without being too large that you lose identity of kids in the schools," Sheridan said.

Colorado Northwestern Community College

The Craig campus of Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) offers local residents access

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