Two vie to be top 'Dog


The two teens were judged on their ability to incite a crowd. Grace was not an issue.

That was a good thing. Both said they had a hard time keeping their heads on straight.

Senior Donovan Asselin and freshman Emma Attolini tried out Thursday for the honor of being the Bulldog mascot.

"A girl can do it, too," Attolini said. "Hopefully, a boy doesn't do it better."

The two waited outside the wrestling room. Then, each entered wearing the cumbersome costume so judges didn't know who was performing and so they could see how they performed wearing the full-body suit.

Although the performances were short -- less than two minutes -- both were glad to raise the Bulldog head and cool off.

Attolini said she has wanted to be a mascot since she was young.

"Just as long as I got to try it and get in a mascot suit, it's alright with me," she said. "I'd do anything to get the Bulldogs to win and get people pumped about it."

Attolini strutted in as the stereo blasted "Who Let the Dogs Out." Her performance included pulling the watching cheerleaders up and making them dance, doing push ups and tricks. She threw in an occasional tail shake that left members of the cheerleading and dance teams laughing and smiling.

Anngie Jenkins, assistant cheer and dance coach, said the mascot must get the crowd pumped up in an appropriate way.

"We want to see how they get the girls involved in what they do, because we want them to do that during the game," she said.

Seven people signed up to try out as a mascot, but only Attolini and Asselin showed up.

Asselin said that he wanted to be at all the games and to help the team.

"I think I'd do a good job -- I'm only nervous about tryouts," he said.

Asselin used the Mission Impossible theme to guide his performance. His skit included sneaking along the wall, crawling on the floor and rolling in a mimed attempt to get into someplace.

Although she thought both were good, cheer and dance team coach Susie Lord said Attolini was selected because she interacted more with the cheerleaders and the crowd.

Attolini will make her debut as the mascot at Friday night's homecoming game, though she may be seen at some of the week's precursor events.

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