Our View: Reaching out


The phone calls started hours after Craig residents heard about two families that lost everything to Hurricane Katrina.

Donations started flowing in. Furniture, clothing, household items. The families still have needs, but the phone calls continue, so we're confident they will be met.

We continue to be amazed by the generosity shown by Moffat County residents. They've already sent money and clothing to the Gulf Coast, they're in the midst of contributing to the United Way, they're helping The Memorial Hospital build a new facility, and, still, when the need is there, they find the resources to help two families that need help.

The members of those families aren't long-time Moffat County residents. They're new to the area -- new to the state, even. They came because it was the only place they had.

And that's all that matters to Moffat County residents. We are so impressed with the "What can I do? attitude" that's been displayed so prominently.

Winds were nearly 175 miles per hour when Patricia Sipsy, her husband, her daughter and her daughter's fiance packed to leave their hometown.

"The hurricane hit a day early," Sipsy said.

Still, it wasn't the first hurricane they've been through. They've packed their car and headed out of town many times, and each time, they've returned to their home, reveling in the near miss.

Katrina changed everything.

Three weeks after arriving in Craig, the Sipsys found an apartment. They moved in Friday.

It didn't take long.

They've now got a place to call their own. They've got bedrooms, but no beds. They've got a kitchen, but no pots or pans or money to buy groceries.

There's another family that wishes they had those problems. A Mississippi couple and their five children are staying with family members. It's so crowded that not all of them can stay in one place.

They're still at a point where they're worried about where they'll live -- not how.

We have no doubt that these families will be well cared for by the people in Moffat County. Residents have shown themselves to be warmhearted and generous whenever it's needed.

We're thrilled that's again the case for two families that have lost so much.

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