Archie Albaugh: Picture in newspaper was printed in poor taste


To the editor:

I was highly disappointed to see your picture of high school boys displaying miller time on their chests. This picture has a short explanation to make sure the reader understood, the boys were trying to spell miller time. This picture is in the same newspaper that reported on the death of a Steamboat teen. A separate article led the reader to believe the death might be from possible alcohol poisoning.

I presume the Daily Press is totally ignorant as to the existence of any substance abuse problems in our community, and DARE or any other programs attempting to influence youths to positive activities.

I presume you are also not aware that such pictures and articles promote and glorify underage drinking.

This was poorly done, from a supposed award-winning paper.

Archie Albaugh

Editor's note: The photo portraying high school boys with "Milla Tyme" on their chests was an effort to depict their support for fellow teammate and runner Jake Miller. The Daily Press apologizes if the connotation offended readers.

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