Our View: Speak up and be heard


We hear it every day. People are talking in coffee shops, hair salons, at club meetings and on sidewalks.

The topics vary -- Wal-Mart, crime rates, elected officials, court decisions.

Moffat County residents pay attention to what's happening around them and form strong opinions.

We'd like to hear those opinions and share them. Change happens only when people share their concerns and ideas. And, praise piques motivation to continue positive efforts.

Speak Up is a forum the Craig Daily Press is providing residents so they have the opportunity to share their thoughts on issues without fear of retribution or identification.

Like the reader forum found on the Craig Daily Press Web page, Speak Up allows people to comment anonymously. Residents can call 826-2989, a line not equipped with caller identification, and talk about whatever is on their minds. Readers also can send feedback to speakup@craigdailypress.com.

Comments that are tasteful will be published each Tuesday on the Craig Daily Press opinion page -- again, anonymously.

The goal is to increase awareness of what everyday residents think and care about. It is not intended to add fuel to personal fires and advance vendettas -- rather, it is meant to incite meaningful dialogue and, potentially, affect change.

The Craig Daily Press will still run -- and encourages -- signed letters to the editor. Speak Up is not a replacement, it's being provided as an alternative.

We hope people will take advantage of this service. Readers often ask for a way to be heard "off the record," and Speak Up is it.

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