Letter: Dental group provides invaluable service


To the editor:

Throughout many years, the Northwest Colorado Dental Coalition has emerged as a tireless advocate of children's dental services in the prevention and intervention arenas. The group continues to see children in our area with serious dental problems. Many local dentists who have volunteered will readily attest to the major decay and significant problems. We have heard it described, "as bad as the teeth of Third World countries."

We are so proud that the Dental Coalition in Moffat County is up and running. The dental service they provide to our region is invaluable. With the rising number of under and uninsured families in our communities, it is crucial that we provide access to affordable dental care. The impact of delayed dental care can be significant and life altering. The Dental Coalition's commitment to dental and oral health in our communities is commendable. Please join us in supporting this organization and their tireless effort by volunteering, giving a contribution or sending a note of thanks.


Susan Birch

Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association

James W. McCreight

Yampa Valley Dental & Associates

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