Man suspected of sexual assault at local business


A Craig man was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault Monday after he reportedly touched a clerk at Smoker Friendly while he was purchasing goods, police said.

Police arrested a 59-year-old man in connection with the alleged incident, which was reported Sunday evening. The man was charged with third-degree assault and unlawful sexual contact.

The police report states that the clerk at the store said she was handing change back to a man when he grabbed her by the neck and touched her breast, according Craig Police Department Lt. John Forgay said. The clerk told police the man had been a customer of the store and had tried to touch her hand in the past. Officials at the store knew the man's name and provided a description to police, Forgay said. Police matched the description to a name and made an arrest soon after finding the suspect where he had been living at Trav-o-tel, Forgay said.

The store issued a trespass order against the man.

Forgay said sexual assault charges can result if it is shown that a person touched another on an intimate part of the body intentionally.

"Touching, for whatever reason, gets dismissed on some occasions," Forgay said. "People don't want to report that stuff. From a police perspective, (sexual assault) is somebody making an overt advance. The person has to be cautious, and if it's over the line, they should report it."

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