Loy C. Wheeler: People should oppose asbestos bill


People should oppose asbestos bill

To the editor:

Several letters to the editor have appeared in my local newspaper regarding the Spector asbestos bailout bill. They jarred my memories of my own loss. I feel that I, too, must take up the torch.

My husband was a boiler maker, and then he took his boiler test and became an all-lines boiler inspector with Commercial Union Insurance Company, where he was further exposed. They discovered asbestos in my husband 50 years after his first exposure. Bob died Sept. 12, 2001. In the past few years, my husband's best friend and at least five others who worked at a refinery in Casper, Wyo., died from mesothelioma.

Many others who worked there also had or have some form of asbestos poisoning that took their lives or left them severely crippled.

Industry officials have known since 1930 that asbestos is carcinogenic and dangerous to workers. They could have at least provided adequate respirators and disposable clothing, or not used asbestos.

The Spector bailout bill is a trust fund provided by the defendants, and they decide who is worthy.

It takes away your right to trial by jury and wipes out any pending lawsuits. It is devastating to see the pain and suffering of any loved one who is dying of cancer. But to know he or she did not have to only makes it worse. If this bill passes, people will be further victimized by questionable compensation.

I know we have all read these letters and said, "Sorry, but it doesn't affect me." It will affect you if our civil rights, such as "trial by jury," are eroded away.

Best regards,

Loy C. Wheeler

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