Traffic stop results in drug arrests

Hazardous-materials crews respond to suspected rolling methamphetamine laboratory


Hazardous materials crews were called out Friday after Craig Police pulled over a vehicle they suspected to be a mobile methamphetamine laboratory.

Craig Police Sgt. Larry Mullen said upon further investigation, officers determined the vehicle was not a meth lab.

The driver, an adult male, and two passengers, an adult male and an adult female, were arrested when seven grams of what appeared to be meth were found inside, Mullen said. Marijuana and an illegal weapon were found also, he said.

Mullen didn't specify what the weapon was, but said it was not a firearm.

Police pulled over the blue Volvo at around 2:45 p.m. on Woodbury Drive near Victory Way.

Mullen said he didn't know why the vehicle was stopped, but it had been reported as suspicious earlier Friday.

The driver of the vehicle gave "deceptive answers" when asked about some bottles of chemicals in the car, Mullen said, which led police to believe the vehicle was a mobile drug lab.

The chemicals were household products commonly associated with cooking meth, Mullen said.

Haz-mat crews from Craig Fire/Rescue were called and Woodbury was closed from Victory to Birch Street while crews investigated.

Deputies from the Moffat County Sheriff's Office also responded.

Two firefighters in full haz-mat gear removed the chemicals from the car.

Upon investigation, Mullen said there was "insufficient evidence that it was a lab."

According to Craig Fire/Rescue Chief Chris Nichols, crews formed a perimeter around the vehicle while they investigated.

"The byproducts of cooking meth are extremely hazardous, toxic and explosive," Nichols said.

It turned out some of the chemicals in the car were used for the maintenance of the vehicle, including containers of antifreeze and brake fluid, Nichols said.

Nichols said crews have responded to mobile meth labs before.

Because of the hazardous nature of cooking meth, he said crews have to be decontaminated after contact with the vehicles.

After Friday's investigation showed the vehicle was not a mobile lab, Mullen said police and fire crews did not have to be decontaminated.

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