Ada McArthur: Neighborhood dogs are out of control


To the editor:

I live in a neighborhood where the people are quiet, keep their yards nice and are respectful of peacefulness, mowing their lawns and doing construction projects during day hours when most folks are active. One neighbor has a charming, quiet dog that is fenced. The others are just mind boggling. All summer, I have listened to barking dogs from all directions. One owner in particular should know better because his employer is the city of Craig. Then there is the pet wandering. This morning, a lovely, sunny morning, I went to my back yard to hang laundry to dry. Huge dog poop was everywhere under my clothesline. I had to clean poop, from a big dog, before I could hang my clothes. Ick. Cats wander, and even leave their disgusting, smelly poop above ground. Others bury theirs and I find it while planting bulbs. Cats stalk birds that I enjoy in my yard. My yard is not a cat or dog haven for pets belonging to others. If I pooped in your yard, would that be acceptable? After another summer of this, I am fed up. I do notify animal control, and I have seen cat cages in the neighborhood, but the offenders outnumber the complaints that can be registered. This is the only way that I know to vent publicly.


Ada McArthur

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