Lila Herod: 'Downright mean'


To the editor:

I have to say I have very mixed feelings about your "Speak Up" column. I appreciate the dialogue going on, and there are some very interesting thoughts and topics, but I also feel it has become an avenue for some people to be just downright mean.

There have been several recent instances where these "opinions" were so incredibly rude and offensive.

Just this week, the comments made about Christina Currie's column were so outrageous. I enjoy Christina's column and especially her "tongue-in-cheek" wit. Her column reminds me what a crazy time it was when my husband and I were trying to raise our kids, work and meet all the other demands in life.

I respect that we don't all enjoy the same reading material, yet isn't it amazing the courage that emanates from the anonymous writer. If you feel so strongly about an issue, you should have guts enough to at least sign your name or maybe you should just remember that old saying: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

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