Glenda Rhodes: Helped by homeopathy when others failed


I would like to write in defense of Dr. Jessica German. She is an excellent chiropractor and doctor of homeopathy. She helped me immensely when I had gone to the "medical doctors" for more than a year and spent more than $8,000 but came out without a single answer to my problem.

Dr. Jessica did an x-ray and determined in one visit what the problem was. She also helped treat the toxicity that I had, because of the pain and sleeping medications the "medical doctors" had prescribed with homeopathic modalities. She has been a great help to me. I will bypass a medical doctor anytime and always give homeopathy and chiropractic the chance to heal me. They, throughout my entire life, have always done a much better job of healing me and at a much lower cost to me.

Glenda Rhodes

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