Real Estate transactions for October 2005


Real Estate Transactions for October 2005

Seller: Ben W. McClelland -- PR

Buyer: Michelle and Jesse L. McAvoy

Property: Craig Original Lots 1-5 Blk. 43; 210 W. 4th St., 396 School St.

Price: $200,000

Seller: Challenger Motor Sports LLC

Buyer: Michelle and Jesse L. McAvoy

Property: Craig Original Lots 1-5 Blk. 43; 210 W. 4th St., 396 School St.

Price: $200,000

Seller: Michael D. and Dana M. Kirby

Buyer: Donald Y. Kirby

Property: Sand Springs Sub Lot 30A of the Replat Lot 6 & Lot 30 of Filing #3; 257 Pronghorn Rd.

Price: $180,000

Seller: Douglas M. and Barbara J. McConkie

Buyer: Gary and Amy Gilleland

Property: Sunbird Lot 2; 1140 Western Ave.

Price: $280,000

Seller: Monte E. Tunks

Buyer: Lois A. Corlett

Property: Haywire Ranch Lot B; 3550 County Rd. 7

Price: $90,000

Seller: Marylynn Bailey

Buyer: Donna J. Hellyer

Property: State Addition Lots 13-15 Blk. 10; 240 W. 10th St.

Price: $180,000

Seller: Mabel Alexander

Buyer: Aden G. and Katresha L. Morrison

Property: Craig Original Lots 29-30 Blk. 36; 423 Breeze St.

Price: $52,000

Seller: Durose Enterprises

Buyer: Neil McCandless

Property: Craig Original Lots 26-29 Blk. 26; 337 West Victory Way

Price: $250,000

Seller: Rosanne Shiels

Buyer: Blaine J. and Andrea Laverdure

Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 6 Blk. 6; 340 Woodbury Dr.

Price: $182,500

Seller: Marion Eugene and Connie Elizabeth Madsen

Buyer: Doug L. Bailey

Property: Maddox Subdivision Lot 1; 6799 County Rd. 7

Price: $163,500

Seller: Brandon Balleck

Buyer: Wilfred Weslyn and Joni Jean Sears

Property: Villa West Lot 11 Blk. 1; 1979 B St.

Price: $175,000

Seller: Hazel A. Vesely

Buyer: Gary and Kimberly Crisp Family Trust

Property: Mount View Lots 33-36 Blk. 11; 1141 Breeze St.

Price: $111,000

Seller: Dinosaur Park Investments LLC

Buyer: Frontier Apartments LLC

Property: Frontier City Lot 2 Blk. 1; 555 W. 1st St.

Price: $1,210,000

Seller: Jamie L. Dschaak

Buyer: Israel John James Holloway

Property: Craig View Lots 43-44 Blk. 11; 1177 Washington St.

Price: $155,500

Seller: Kelly Hill

Buyer: Eric and Amanda Duran

Property: Craig View Lots 29-32 Blk. 21; 1029 Washington St.

Price: $150,000

Seller: Paul Auwaerter

Buyer: Jerry Carlson Properties LLC

Property: Rosedale Addition Lots 22-28 Blk. 7; 517 East Victory Way

Price: $219,000

Seller: James Howard Silver -- PR Estate of Allene O. Silver

Buyer: Marion Eugene and Connie E. Madsen

Property: Valley View S60' Blk. A Second Addition; 1018 E. 7th St.

Price: $136,000

Seller: Robert Razzano -- Public Trustee

Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank

Property: Country Club Lot 9 Blk. A Second Addition; 1018 E. 7th St.

Price: $75,211

Seller: Jane Caroline Balleck

Buyer: Charles E. and Daniel J. Brown

Property: Craig Original Lots 25-28 Blk. 2; 105 E. 8th St.

Price: $150,000

Seller: Steven E. and Sandra F. Wiersma

Buyer: Jeffrey P. and Stacy L. Schlim

Property: Crest Village Lot 10 Blk. 5; 1287 W. 8th Pl.

Price: $150,000

Seller: Shirley A. and Dennis A. Balleck

Buyer: Nick and Kim Davis

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 3 Blk. 2; 785 Moffat Dr.

Price: $45,000

Seller: John La and Su Chuan Wang

Buyer: Alpine Group LLC

Property: Craig Original Lots 12-24 Blk. 34; 410 & 446 Tucker St.

Price: $1,375,000

Seller: Mary Jean Nelson -- PR

Buyer: Kammra J. Clark

Property: Craig Original Lots 20-22 Blk. 32; 239 East Victory Way

Price: $92,000

Seller: Michael C. and Jodi E. Graf

Buyer: Guadalupe and Marco Borja

Property: Jensen Mobile Home Lot 1 Blk. 3 Filing #3; 303 Hawthorne St.

Price: $40,000

Seller: Jodi and Mike Graf

Buyer: David Joe and Patricia M. Winograsky

Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 14 Blk. 4; 1042 Harris Dr.

Price: $9,300

Seller: Charles W. and Kathleen P. Trautman

Buyer: Rebecca Pierce Bowland Trust

Property: Agriculture T8N R89W S8 Desc.; 2380 County Rd. 18 N.

Price: $606,250

Seller: Harry Lee and Mary Patricia Dunn

Buyer: Brian K. and Barbara J. White

Property: Agriculture T7N R90W S19 Desc.; 33374 Highway 13 North

Price: $19,900

Seller: Wade O. and Patricia A. Hansen

Buyer: Milburn L. and Carolyn D. Markle

Property: Doe Run Lot 1 Phase #1; Vacant Land on Antler Court

Price: $32,500

Seller: TBIF, INC

Buyer: Michael E. and Amy J. Williams

Property: Frontier City Lots 16-20 Blk. 3; 1635 West Victory Way

Price: $520,000

Seller: Robert Razzano -- Public Trustee

Buyer: First National Bank of the Rockies

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 6 Blk. 3; 2231 Williams Lane

Price: $66,323

Seller: Belarimo A. and Trudy R. Santistevan

Buyer: Thomas McCaslin

Property: Agriculture Santistevan Lot 24 Phase III; Vacant Land on Andrea Way

Price: $72,000

Seller: The Oswald/Cattoor Trust

Buyer: Delbert F. and Diana L. Knez and Becky J. Otis

Property: Sunset Addition Lots 8-10 Blk. 1; 858 Ranney St.

Seller: Janet Camilletti

Buyer: Trent S. and Jennifer A. Aiken

Property: Fremont Townhouse Sublot #3; 542 1st Ave. W.

Price: $99,000

Seller: Dwayne Eddie and Tammy Sue Grinstead

Buyer: Kerry Shane Maxfield

Property: Woodbury Addition Lot 7 Blk. 6; 330 Woodbury Dr.

Price: $168,000

Seller: Leona L. Gwyn

Buyer: Dan J. Ross and Karen Hirsch

Property: Craig Original Lots 38-40 Blk. 6; 855 Barclay St.

Price: $135,000

Seller: Stanley I. and Kathleen M. Nelson

Buyer: Louis H. and Norma J. Hahn

Property: Craig East 1-4 Lot 20 Blk. 1; 2221 Jeffcoat Dr.

Price: $25,000

Seller: Charlene J. and Clifford White

Buyer: Janet and Douglas D. Camilletti

Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 14 & N1/2 Lot 13 Blk. 4; 1102 Sequoia Ave.

Price: $147,500

Seller: Gloria E. Peck Trust

Buyer: Donald J. Quick Jr.

Property: County Res/Subs T6N R92W S12, 13 Desc.; 4776 County Rd. 30

Price: $156,000

Seller: Delbert Michael Cerise

Buyer: Richard B. and Pamela A. Horn

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 276 Filing #4; 275 Sycamore Rd.

Price: $16,500

Seller: Chien-Bor and Beulah Chi-Hang Sung

Buyer: Dale E. Hansen

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 616 Filing #8; 1024 Eagle Loop

Price: $9,000

Seller: Brian S. and Jennifer J. Tice

Buyer: Patricia and Ronald T. Murphy

Property: Victory Heights Lots 28-30 Blk. 19 Second Addition; 775 Prairie Ave.

Price: $11,000

Seller: Mike A. and Norma L. Snyder

Buyer: Clark D. and Doris R. Fulkerson

Property: Lollar Subdivision Lots 1-2 Blk. 2 Filing #1; 317 E. 15th St.

Price: $40,000

Seller: Ralph I. Smith and Clarke Fairbrother

Buyer: Julian A. and Lori A. Guerrero

Property: Harris Owens Tracts 46B1 & 46C1; 1356 Yampa Ave.

Price: $135,000

Seller: Elizabeth Ann Overton

Buyer: Oscar E. King Jr. Et Al

Property: Pineridge Lot 5B Pine Ridge Crossing; 3659 Juniper Pl #5

Price: $93,000

Seller: Frank Levkulich

Buyer: Robert P. Olchin

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 354 Filing #5; 793 Timberlane Loop Rd.

Price: $7,500

Seller: Brittany Lenker

Buyer: Cheryl Talbot

Property: Country Club Lot 11 Blk. B; 1060 E. 7th St.

Price: $58,000

Seller: George and Shawn Stewart

Buyer: Shannon W. Moss Et Al

Property: Agriculture Lots 29A Migration Acres #4

Price: $40,000

Seller: George and Shawn Stewart

Buyer: Michael Guzman Et Al

Property: Agriculture Lot 29B Migration Acres #4

Price: $40,000

Seller: Judith A. Slingerland Trust

Buyer: Michael H. and Judy A. Lyon

Property: Panorama Park Lot 5 Blk. 4; 1020 Alta Ct.

Price: $50,000

Seller: Emilyn L. Young

Buyer: Dennis Braia

Property: Young's Minor Lots 1-2; 402 & 408 East Victory Way

Price: $162,400

Seller: John R. and Christina Swanson

Buyer: Becca Swanson

Property: Kennedy Minor Sub Lot 1; 875 Legion St.

Price: $132,000

Seller: Northwest Development Group LLC

Buyer: Matthew R. Wade

Property: Overlook Park Lot 4

Price: $42,500

Seller: Fred Trouth

Buyer: Glenn A. and Ladawn Sexton

Property: Sunset Addition Lots 31, 32, 33, S/2 35 Blk. 1; 833 Pershing St.

Price: $235,000

Seller: Nathan Langstaff

Buyer: Erik Justin Monger

Property: County Res/Tracts T6N R91W S4 Tr in Lot 12 Desc.; 548 County Rd. 30

Price: $76,900

Seller: Ryan J. and Jennifer E. Otis

Buyer: Keith Balleck

Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 25 Blk. 6 Replat Lot 1 Filing #1 & Lot 1 Blk. 7; 3781 W. 6th St.

Price: $88,500

Seller: Trent W. and Dawn N. Arnell

Buyer: Rachell Novacek

Property: Meadows Lot 9 Blk. 7 Second Addition; 175 Barker St.

Price: $150,000

Seller: Raymond and Evelyn Gonzales

Buyer: Ryan and Jennifer E. Otis

Property: Ridgeview Sub Lot 21 Blk. 3 Filing #1; 3424 Ridgeview Rd.

Price: $158,000

Seller: Thomas V. Ebbs

Buyer: William M. and Carolyn A. Rapp

Property: Agriculture T11N R90W S15 Lot 6

Price: $24,000

Seller: Paul J. Longstreath

Buyer: Ronald II and April Cox

Property: Craig Original Lots 46-48 Blk. 2; 895 Russell St.

Price: $173,000

Seller: Matthew L. and Jennifer L. Taylor

Buyer: Dennis P. and Dena J. Harper

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 801 Filing #9; 220 Routt Forest Rd.

Price: $95,000

Seller: William M. and Karen E. Taylor

Buyer: Dennis P. and Dena J. Harper

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lot 801 Filing #9; 220 Routt Forest Rd.

Price: $95,000

Seller: Clayton J. and Jaime Lynne Trevenen

Buyer: T. Flint and Aimee Dawn Haskins

Property: Agriculture T7N R91W S20 Parcel in SW4 Desc.; 620 Ponderosa Pass

Price: $261,000

Seller: Lewis M. Knez

Buyer: Richard L. Rivera

Property: Shadow Mountain Lot 3 Blk. 8; 2192 Willow St.

Price: $19,000

Seller: Dean W. and Barbara E. Pichette

Buyer: Terri Lee Valdez and Billy R. Hensley

Property: Wilderness Ranch Lots 389 & 399 Filing #5; 2174 & 2222 Boulder Dr.

Price: $10,000

Seller: Jacqueline K. and Jill Ellen Mayo Draper

Buyer: Kent L. Davidson

Property: Agriculture T11N R90W S14 Lots 3 & 6

Price: $195,000

Seller: Ricky G. and Barbara L. Crawford

Buyer: Dennis R. and Peggy J. Sammons Craig

Property: Golden Heights Sub Lots 2 & 3; 734 Jerimiah Way

Price: $227,500

Seller: Tommy Michael and Barbara Laure Winslow

Buyer: Robert Vail Barnes Trust and Mary Johanna Barnes Trust

Property: Shadow Mountain Lots 18 & 19 Blk. 2 Filing #2; 1217 Aspen Ave.

Price: $80,000

Seller: Bruce A. and Terresa L. White

Buyer: Nicholas T. and Karen A. Maneotis

Property: County Res/Tracts T7N R91W S6 NW Desc.; 719 County Road 82

Price: $260,000

Seller: Lawrence A. and Susan A. Fredrickson

Buyer: Bruce A. and Terresa L. White

Property: Glen Erie Sub Lot 10 Blk. 3; 1006 Shepherd Dr.

Price: $215,000

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