People in Education: Brynna Vogt


Brynna Vogt

What is your job title: Seventh-grade science teacher at Craig Middle School

Number of years in profession: Two

How did you get into this profession? I wanted to be able to help kids and to spread my love of science to others. It was a natural fit.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? All of the eighth-graders who keep stopping by saying, "Can I come back?"

What is a teaching tool or method that is unique to you? Stations, which are mini labs set up around the room that students work at independently or in small groups. It is becoming a much more popular learning method in the sciences, especially at the middle school level.

What are your favorite activities when you are not at school? Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, boarding, ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, and, of course, reading.

What do you like most about Craig Middle School?

The middle school model involving teaming and kids exploring topics that aren't usually found in schools. Also, the academic freedom and support I get from the administration.

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