Jean (Coffman) MacKenzie: Commissioners shouldn't cry wolf


In October, I spent a week with my sister and brother-in-law, Bee and Don Blanke, in Meeker. One day during my stay, we took a day trip to visit and remember places where I had grown up.

A native of Routt County, I was born on Cary Ranch, just south of Hayden. My parents, ranchers, moved to Williams Fork and Trout Creek, where my mother taught country school. In 1933, we moved to Mount Harris, where my brother, Chuck, and I went to grade school and later bussed to Hayden Union High School.

Returning, it was hard to visualize Mount Harris, as a thriving town as I looked down from the highway memorial. Few landmarks were left.

Returning from our destination, Steamboat, we stopped at City Park in Craig. There, we were delighted to see beautifully carved animals and figures.

Back in Meeker, Don handed me the Craig Daily Press with a story on "Mt. Harris Honey Wagons." Memorable, I guess. What I remember was our mothers scrubbing with disinfectant these two-holers.

Colorado was gorgeous.

Jean (Coffman) MacKenzie

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