David Morris: Drilling would be mistake, disaster


To the editor:

read with interest your article concerning possible oil and gas development on the edge of Dinosaur National Monument along the Harper's Corner Road. think that any drilling in this sensitive area would be a disaster and a mistake, and I hope the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) will reconsider leasing parcels in this area.
Although I understand that some people in Northwest Colorado are looking for ways to increase their local economies, I think that digging up ecologically fragile landscapes is not the best way to do it. here would undoubtedly be some short term economic gains, but in the long run, bringing tourists into the Monument and surrounding areas is perhaps a better method of establishing steady economic growth. It is absurd to say that oil companies come and go, leaving little or no mark on the land. We all know that there is a large price to pay for big oil and gas projects, including pollution, scarring of the environment and disruption of plants and animals. Dinosaur National Monument is a magnificent and irreplaceable part of our Western heritage. f we tear it all up for quick monetary gain today, we will leave little for the children of tomorrow.

David Morris

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