Katlyn Chesser: Disappointed with community's votes


To the editor:
I just wanted to tell the people of Craig that I wish they would have voted to keep Shadow Mountain Club open. The majority of the people who go there use the pool by request, via their doctor or physical therapist. I know they use the pool to aid their daily living. Why should they have to go through with having it shut and sold? Just because you weren't using it to your advantage doesn't mean some people don't. And why did 1B not pass? I mean, it is pretty sad when people who live in this town don't want to help people with mental disabilities. The fact that some want to help them is great. But it wasn't enough.

There are some people who haven't been touched by a person with mental disabilities, so they may not understand where I may be coming from. But maybe they should have had more information before they voted.

I may not be an adult, but the people in this town are pretty sad if they don't even want to put an effort in to helping someone other than themselves when, as a community, we should be able to count on one another to make a difference. So what if I'm only a sophomore in high school? I've put in an effort to help Horizons by volunteering my time. I have made many friends with the clients and learned a lot about acceptance through them.

Katlyn Chesser

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