'Aida' offers window to culture


For the cast of Moffat County High School's "Aida," being in the play is like leaving Craig and taking an exotic vacation.

"It's like being in a different world," said Laurel Luke, 17, who plays Aida.

Luke's fellow cast member, Shannon Crane, 18, agreed.

"You get to step outside of Craig and live your fantasies," Crane said.

Crane plays an Egyptian princess in the play, but Saturday she looked more like a carpenter, cutting wood and building sets.

The cast and crew of about 50 people is hard at work learning their lines, choreographing dances and building scenes for the play, which opens Nov. 17. The cast will work every day after school as well as next weekend to put finishing touches on the musical.

On Saturday, the cast and crew spent their day learning dances and building sets in the high school auditorium.

"Aida" is the story of the Nubian people and their struggles after being conquered and enslaved by the Egyptians. Aida, a Nubian princess, falls in love with an Egyptian prince.

Director Amy Coleman said she chose the play, written by Elton John and Tim Rice, because it was different from plays the high school has performed in the past.

"The kids need a little more complexity in music and story line," Coleman said.

But it isn't just the music and story line that attracted Coleman to the play.

The play gives the students a chance to learn about a different culture, Coleman said.

"It is important for rural kids to learn about other countries," she said.

Working long hours on the musical teaches the students how to work together, Coleman said.

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