Election date confuses clerk, voters


Lila Herod makes it her business to know when Moffat County voters are supposed to head to the polls.

But even Herod, Moffat County's chief deputy clerk, had to check and check again before she was confident this year's election was Nov. 1.

"I kept going to the Secretary of State's calendar," she said. "I thought, 'Oh my gosh, maybe I didn't get it right.'"

Other local residents also had their doubts about the date. Before Tuesday's election, Herod fielded numerous calls about the calendar confusion, she said.

Most pre-printed calendars proclaim Nov. 8 as Election Day. That's true for most states, where voters cast ballots the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. But a provision in the state's Taxpayers Bill of Rights requires that tax issues be decided in odd years on the first Tuesday in November. In even-year state general elections, Coloradans cast ballots on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Herod and state officials worked to remind voters of the correct election date.

If voters in Moffat County were confused about when to vote, it didn't show.

The county reports that 3,304 voters cast ballots in Tuesday's election, compared with 2,787 in the 2003 odd-year election, an 18 percent increase.

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