An alarming arrival


Richard Miller was eating dinner at the Golden Cavvy on Wednesday when he heard sirens.

Miller had no idea firefighters were responding to a fire at his home east of Craig.

"I never thought anything of it," Miller said.

He finished his meal and headed home, all the while clueless about the blaze that had engulfed his garage and burned a field near his home.

Miller could smell the smoke as he drove down Moffat County Road 29, but he didn't imagine the smoke was from his property.

Then he saw the fire truck.

When he arrived at his house at 3054 Moffat County Road 29, he realized what had happened.

"I was pretty speechless," Miller said.

Firefighters from Craig Fire/Rescue were putting out what was left of the fire when Miller arrived, but the garage was destroyed.

Fire crews don't know what caused the blaze, fire chief Chris Nichols said. But Miller thinks he knows the cause.

Before going to dinner, Miller was working on his son's pickup truck in the garage, using a light attached to an extension cord. He said he thinks he left the light on when he left and that caused the fire.

"I goofed up," Miller said.

Miller has insurance, but he doubts it will cover the cost of the garage, truck and thousands of dollars worth of tools destroyed in the blaze. "It is a total loss," he said.

No one was hurt in the fire, which is what's important, Miller said. "It is just material stuff," he said. "That's the way I try to look at it."

Miller said he plans to write a letter to the fire department, thanking the firefighters for their work.

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