Cindy Looper: Witch was over the top for family Halloween


To the editor:

Thank you to all the businesses that provided for the family trick-or-treat time. It is a great community service that you provide a safe environment for families with young children to enjoy Halloween.

I would like to provide one warning to all families with young children. Please avoid Pam's Designs on Halloween. The "witch" there went out of her way to scare my small child on Monday night. Most people do not purposely try to scare small children. This person not only scared him (he was in tears for at least five minutes), but also had the gall to continue the evil laughter while he was grabbing me and crying. This is unacceptable.

If older children want to be scared and scare each other on Halloween, that is one thing. But Pam's Design should come with a warning so unsuspecting parents will not end up with a traumatized child. He lost part of his costume in his fright; so if anyone found a pair of plastic numchucks, please turn them into the Craig Daily Press office. Thank you again to all the responsible business owners that work toward providing a "family" night downtown.

Cindy Looper

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