City: Signs have to go

Residents will be issued warnings in June


Yard sale and other signs posted on utility poles and city property aren't welcoming features in town, Craig city officials say.

The city already has an ordinance on the books that prohibits the impromptu signage, said Becky Otis, Craig's enforcement officer.

"They're unsightly," Otis said. "We're getting a lot more complaints than we used to."

Otis said she would contact people who have plastered signs up and give them a warning. Starting in July, though, people will be issued a summons to appear in court for the violation. That could mean a fine of as much as $10 a day until a person appears in court.

Otis said people are allowed to post standing, "sandwich board" signs to advertise. Those signs can be left up for as long as 72 hours.

Craig Mayor Don Jones said he seems to notice the signs more in the spring and summer. It's not the signs he's opposed to, it's that they never seem to be removed.

"It wouldn't be bad if people took the signs down," he said.

Otis said the ordinance has been in place for years, but it's not one that many people seem to be aware of.

"I don't think anybody in town knows about this," Otis said. "We'll be warning people in June, but after that, we'll be giving summonses."

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