Changes tabled


The number of people opposing changes to the city's animal code has put it back on the drawing table.

The Craig City Council on Tuesday night tabled a decision on the ordinance and asked Craig Police Department Capt. Jerry Delong to meet with opponents to hammer out their differences.

Council chambers weren't filled with protestors, but those who were there were vehement.

"You need to get the people who are interested in this together in a room and get this fixed and then bring it back," Craig resident Joni Zaragoza said.

She was one of 12 people attending the meeting because of the ordinance.

Not all 12 were opposed. Several people spoke in favor of the ordinance, including former city animal control officer Amy Andrews.

Called into question was a sentence that reads "no dog or cat over eight weeks of age or over two pounds in weight shall be released for adoption unless such dog or cat is spayed or neutered."

In addition to protesting the short length of time between birth and surgery, Zaragoza wasn't happy that the sentence didn't limit the requirement to the Craig animal shelter. She said that the Humane Society's goal is to open a shelter and that its policy may be to allow a pet to be spayed or neutered at an older age.

Toni Louder asked that the public be given more time to review the changes and that the city post the ordinance on a Web site so the public could read it.

"I do recognize we need a good pet ordinance, but I feel like I'm being punished because some people don't take care of their pets. I don't want to be penalized because of the bad guy."

Those who attended the meeting and are interested will meet with DeLong before the June 14 council meeting. The ordinance will be represented then for its second and final reading.

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