Frazier takes responsibilities seriously


Krista Frazier picked up her college diploma May 14. It'll be another week before she collects her high school diploma.

Frazier earned her associates degree from Colorado Northwestern Community College-Craig. She'll be that much ahead when she starts college at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs campus.

Frazier is one of those students who really takes her responsibilities seriously, Moffat County High School Counselor Paula Duzik said.

"When she did her post-secondary planning, she really did some research," Duzik said.

Frazier plans to major in business with a focus on human resources management. She wanted a major that would result in a job -- not just a degree.

Frazier enjoys school. She's earned a 3.9 grade point average in high school and a 4.0 in college.

"I like learning," she said. "I think it gives you an edge over people who don't know as much."

Frazier is going to start work this summer as a pool aide.

"She quietly gets things done, and she does them well," Duzik said. "She's got a great attitude."

By the time she was a freshman, Frazier had made it to the top of ten 14,000-foot peaks.

"I think the only reason I like it is because at the top you sign your name," she said. "I liked that sense of accomplishment."

She's excited about the prospect of going to college and leaving Craig.

"I want to explore new areas," she said.

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