Sheriff's Office reports stolen solar panel valued at $3,000


Moffat County Sheriff's Office reported a theft of a solar panel and batteries from a well site in Moffat County.

Sgt. K.C. Hume of the Sheriff's Office said officials know the solar panel was stolen at 11 p.m. Sunday because that's when the instrument went down. The solar panel was used as an energy source to monitor the amount of product in the company's pipeline through a satellite connection, Hume said.

Hume valued the items at $3,000. He declined to state a general location of the well site in an attempt to hinder further thefts.

"In all seriousness, I don't want to give specific location or general location," he said. "We encourage anyone who knows of the crime to call us."

Hume said he would transfer information of the theft to the CrimeStoppers board.

The two stolen batteries and solar panel could be used to get power to a remote location, he said.

Craig woman taken to TMH for Yampa jump

An intoxicated Craig woman was rushed to The Memorial Hospital after jumping in the Yampa River near Sunbeam, Hume said.

The woman's name was not available Tuesday. The Maybell Ambulance transferred her to the hospital.

Wellhead blows near County Road 4

Moffat County sheriff's deputies received a call that methane and water were released when a wellhead blew as workers were moving it.

No one was injured in the incident that occurred in the northern reaches of Moffat County near County Road 4 on Friday morning.

Hume said the energy company, Yates Petroleum, issued the report because the incident occurred near the county road and workers thought passersby might call in the accident as an emergency.

Hume said the incident was not considered an environmental hazard.

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