County planner Graler resigns


Moffat County needs to plan how to run its Planning Department without any employees.

Planning Director Sue Graler resigned Tuesday.

When she leaves her job March 25, the Planning Department will be left without any personnel.

Graler, a part-time employee, was not only the director but the department's only employee.

For an immediate short-term fix, Moffat County Commissioner Saed Tayyara said the building inspector has been instructed to cover some of Graler's duties, such as running Planning Commission meetings.

Tayyara also hopes the City of Craig will help the county with some of its planning and zoning needs.

One of Tayyara's goals as a commissioner is to coordinate the city and county planning and zoning regulations for a 3-mile area around the city.

If the regulations match, a subdiv-ision's infrastructure, such as water or sewer lines, won't need to be changed when a subdivision asks to be annexed to the city.

Tayyara hopes to develop a memorandum of understanding with the City Council to achieve this.

Partnering now, when the county needs help with planning, could be a good start, he said.

In 2003, the commissioners cut the planning director position from full- to part-time in an effort to cut costs and balance the 2004 budget. The cut left Graler with little time to do anything besides approving zoning exemptions and filing planning applications.

Other responsibilities, such as implementing the county's addressing policy and updating zoning regulations, fell by the wayside.

Tayyara said he doesn't think the county will have trouble finding a qualified planner to fill a part-time position.

Tayyara previously said the commissioners would return the position to full-time if the community's demands on the Planning Department increase.

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