Harold Ratzlaff: Craig


taff for the awards you won recently. I wonder whether you realize what a gem you had with intern Michelle Waller.

When news came out that Greyhound was discontinuing service through Craig, I was interviewed by no less than five professionals and Michelle. Her interview was more insightful and succinct that any of the others.

I really appreciate your service to the community with the weekly "Pet Page." My wife and I have adopted two cats, which we found on that page.

I enjoy reading Dave Barry and Baxter Black, and I was overjoyed to see Jim Mullen in last Saturday's paper. I don't see a need for Joseph Perkins' column.

I don't see a need for a Wal-Mart store in Craig. I have been able to shop for any and all items in the local stores. These stores are owned and operated by my friends and neighbors.

My heart goes out to those who have to shop in either Grand Junction, Silverthorne or Denver.

I lived in Lamar County for 29 years, and I shopped there. I lived in Grand Junction for 21 years, and I have lived in Craig for 26 years and shop here. I lived in the South Pacific for two years and did all my shopping aboard a Navy ship.

If I offended anyone, get over it.

Harold Ratzlaff


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