Star student


His teachers describe him as a student whose creativity and energy "add spice" to the classroom.

The third-grader who chooses his words oh, so carefully agrees that he's creative, but modesty would prevent him from going any further.

Owen Nichols attends East Elementary School.

"He is really maturing and making really good choices," Principal Diana Cook said. "He volunteers to help with everything."

But his best attribute, she said, is that he's always thrilled to work with any other student.

"He makes them feel like they are special," Cook said. "That's a great quality."

Nichols said he enjoys school -- particularly reading and writing. Math, though, isn't his favorite subject. "I hate math," he said. "It's a lot harder this year."

He likes to write about funny things. His favorite is a story he wrote about zombies taking over the world.

Sound funny?

"I made it funny," he said.

In his free time, Nichols plays football and PlayStation 2.

Nichol's teacher, Sue Beachman, said he's extremely creative and that shows in his writing.

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