Judge won't lower bonds in drug case


Two men who were arrested on suspicion of possessing and selling drugs were denied requests Friday to lower their bonds.

Michael Bosman, 20, and Josh Davis, 22, were arrested Monday morning after being pulled over because a tail light on their car was not working properly.

Craig police Capt. Jerry DeLong said when the officer approached the vehicle, he recognized Bosman and knew his driver's license was under restraint.

DeLong said after searching the car, the arresting officer found a green leafy substance, a 9mm pistol and a clear rock-like substance. A field test later revealed that the substances were marijuana and methamphetamine.

Police said the methamphetamine was in five little bags, and officials had reason to suspect it was going to be sold.

Bosman and Davis' lawyer asked the judge to lower her clients' bonds because they have lived in Craig for a while.

Despite Davis' plea that he has a wife and several children -- one of whom needs to see a doctor in Denver -- Judge Mary Lynne James denied Bosman and Davis' request.

Bosman was arrested on suspicion of driving while under restraint and several drug-related charges. Davis was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

Davis and Bosman's bails are each set at $50,000. They are being held in the Moffat County Jail.

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